-Winle Day-
Level Information
Creator DiMaViKuLov26
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
ID 6976033
Last updated Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song The Maze of Mayonnaise
Composer Holyyeah/Bossfight

-Winle Day- is a 1.9 Hard 4* level created by DiMaViKuLov26. This level was created in the style of Geometrical Dominator, after the first 2.0 sneak peek was released, as is apparent from the graphics, textures, and custom dragons.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts off with a rather simple cube section with some fake 2.0 dragons to make it slightly confusing. Then a rather easy ship part comes next. Then a double speed mini UFO part comes after that. After that, a free upside-down UFO segment comes next. At the drop, a near-free wave part comes next with some spam-clicking. After that, a very simplified version of a swing copter comes next. Finally, the level ends with an auto section.

Trivia Edit

  • This level has been controversial due to people claiming that DiMaViKuLov26 copied creators like Etzer and Ludwig.
  • The "Dragons 2.0" part used to have no monsters, but it was updated so there are the Update 2.0 monsters and a lot of Ludwig's graphics used.

Walkthrough Edit

2.0 INCOMING! Geometry Dash -1

2.0 INCOMING! Geometry Dash -1.9- - -Winle Day- by Dimavikulov26

Credits to GuitarHeroStyles.