1st Level
Level Information
Creator Real Storm
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 0Star
ID 128
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Base After Base
Play song None
Composer DJVI
Song ID Unknown

1st Level is a very easy level and is the very first online level ever, and the eighth level in existence.


The level has very basic difficulty as the only obstacles are spikes and blocks. There is a cube segment containing very simple obstacles and only containing an orb, jump pads, blocks, and spikes. Then there is a very short ship segment only containing blocks. Then the last cube segment is very similar to the first cube segment, then the level ends.


  • There is no other level with an ID lower than the number 128.
  • The level was released during the game's initial release.


The first ever online level created in Geometry Dash..

The first ever online level created in Geometry Dash...

Credits to FallenAngel14 for this video

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