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Not to be confused with X.

Alphabet X
Alphabet X gameplay
Level Information
Creator Play 1107696
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 523638
Song Electroman Adventures
Composer Waterflame89

Alphabet X is a 1.6 Insane Demon created by Play 1107696, the same creator of Silent Club. It is a remake of Electroman Adventures. The level features numerous fake paths and traps. Due to a huge number of traps, memorization is important. Also, this level features many tight spaces in UFO segments and ship sequences which makes them even harder. Like Fake A Doom, there are numerous traps and misleading paths within the cube sections, and a handful of tight spaces in the ship sequences. This makes memorization the most important thing in this level. Therefore, it is generally considered a Very Hard or an Insane Demon.




  • Zobros crashed at 63%.
  • Milesman34 crashed at 74%.
  • Riot crashed at 96%.
  • RyooN (XnailGD) allegedly crashed four times at 90%, and then once at 97%.
  • R3YGA crashed at 98%.
  • TrusTa crashed at 91%.


  • The creator of this level, Play 1107696, may be the same person as Roadbose, the creator behind Ice Carbon Diablo X and Ice Carbon Zust.
    • The creator's name is just advertising a level. 1107696 is the ID for a Demon level called "DemoNov" by Lenov.


Geometry Dash 2

Geometry Dash 2.0 - 'Alphabet X' By Play 1107696

Credits to Koreaqwer for this video.