Antique Circles
Level Information
Creator AncientAnubis
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 13641664
Song Jawbreaker
Composer Rukkus (aka Nightkilla)

Antique Circles is a 2.0 Insane Demon created by AncientAnubis. Like most of Anubis's levels, it has a sort of ancient description, design and coloring, hence his username. This level is insanely difficult and players tend to call this an insane demon.

Antique Circles is a Nine Circles style level and is colored in a sort of dark amber scheme. The level is extremely difficult for its type, and features a somewhat unique take on the Nine Circles style. The wave is easily the most difficult, featuring very tight spaces, many gravity and size changing portals, and speed changers that show up quite a bit in the second half of the wave. It is also one of the few Nine Circles levels to separate its wave into two parts, with a UFO breaking them into two differ(25-%): ent segments.


  • (0-6%): The level starts off with a somewhat complicated half speed cube section with some difficult timings, mixed with a large amount of gears, spikes, jump rings and gravity portals to confuse the player.
  • (7-15%): Next, the player enters a moderately difficult normal speed ship sequence, where the player is required to fit through some fairly tight spaces that can only be accomplished with the right timing, with some jump rings and jump pads.
  • (16-21%): This then transitions to a mini ball segment that is similar to the ones in most demons. It contains jump rings, many spikes and gravity portals, and is mostly just memorization.
  • (22-24%): Afterwards, it turns into a fairly short and simple near-auto cube section, from which the level quickly picks up difficulty.
  • (25-45%): Then, the beat drops and the player enters a triple speed Nine Circles wave segment. The first half of the wave segment is made difficult by a very large abundance of gravity portals and size changers mixed in with some tight spacing and a few awkward timings.
  • (46-49%): After the first leg of the wave, the player enters a short but tricky normal speed cube section with many jump orbs and timings.
  • (50-56%): Next, the player enters a moderately difficult UFO that requires some rather spot-on timing with its jump rings and gravity portals.
  • (57-91%): Afterwards, the level goes back to a wave. This triple speed wave segment is somewhat different from the first, and uses an abundance of tight spaces and speed changers to throw off the player.
  • (92-100%): If the player makes it through this, they must pass one last half speed cube section that contains a handful of simple jumps in order to beat the level. Then, the level ends with Anubis' name.

User Coins

The level has only one fairly simple to get user coin. It is located in the ball segment before the wave and can be seen hiding a blue jump ring the player must hit to go back to the regular path.



  • There is debate whether this or Crimson Clutter is the hardest Nine Circles level. Krazyman50 has personally stated that he does not think this is the hardest Nine Circles level.
  • AncientAnubis managed to verify this legitimately, despite its difficulty.
  • Jomax23 and Pacosky18 are the only players who are known to have legitimately beat this level on mobile.
  • In Anubis's verification video, he said that the level was actually nerfed after he beat it on stream.
  • AncientAnubis is currently trying to update the level, making it harder.
  • This level uses the second drop of Jawbreaker, by NightKillA, the songs genre before the second drop is Moombahcore, a Dubstep influenced Glitch Hop subgenre, at a midtempo 110 BPM, then the song speeds up before the drop, transforming into a Drumstep/Drum & Bass drop, with a 172 BPM.


Geometry Dash - Extreme Demon - Antique circles

Geometry Dash - Extreme Demon - Antique circles

Credit to Jomax23.