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Arctic Lights
Arctic Lights
Level Information
Creator Viruz and EndLevel (Hacked by EndLevel, set to be verified by Metalface221)
Difficulty Insane Insane (Hopefully Extreme Demon Extreme Demon)
Stars 0Star (Hopefully 10Star)
Level ID 46184758
Song Untitled Beat
Composer NightKILLA

Arctic Lights is a 2.1 unrated collaboration created by EndLevel and Viruz. It is an extremely difficult remake of Nine Circles. The first preview was released on April 2, 2018. The level was verified (speedhacked) by EndLevel on May 28, 2018 after 12,000 attempts. Viruz created the first half, and EndLevel created the second half. Since EndLevel admitted to hacking the level after an exposal by ToshDeluxe, Metalface221 is currently taking the job of verifying it legitimately. He currently has 84% on the level.


  • 0-14%: The level starts out with a cube section that involves very tight spikes and numerous hard jump orb timings.
  • 14-20%: After the cube is a memory ball segment with lots of fake orbs and invisible blocks, as well as tight orb timings like the first cube.
  • 20-25%: After the ball is a tight slow ship sequence with straight fly, and then a cube in transition to the wave.
  • 25-81%: This is the main part of the level and the drop of the song. It has frequent speed and portal changes, some invisible. Some parts have insane jitter-clicking, and the wave in all requires insane consistency.
  • 81-89%: At the end of the wave is an extremely short timing cube section and then a ship sequence that requires 1-block slow straight fly.
  • 89-100%: At the end of the level is a timing mini-cube section with jump orbs that have to be hit right at the correct time. At the very end is an easy ship sequence, and then the level ends.



  • The level is the sequel to Hyper Paracosm by Viruz and TheRealSneaky. The two levels look fairly similar, as they’re made both made by Viruz (Endlevel made part of Arctic Lights, and part of Hyper Paracosm was made by Sneaky.) However, Hyper Paracosm is purple, and Arctic Lights is blue.
  • EndLevel says that this level is the hardest demon he has ever beaten. This is really significant, considering that he has beaten demons like Bausha Vortex and Erebus in the past. He hacked Arctic Lights though.
  • This was originally harder, but EndLevel nerfed it down to Death Corridor Finale difficulty.
  • Metalface221 currently has 84% on the level.[1] (Profanity warning at the end of the video)
  • A semi-unknown Russian player named Sinon has beat the level legitimately with clicks and a microphone.[2]


Showcase Arctic Lights 100% by EndLevel

Showcase Arctic Lights 100% by EndLevel

Credits to Vitesse.