Audio Excursion
Level Information
Creator GoodSmile, TheZapz, Bio, AbstractDark, Miggz, Phantom, Star77, and Yaronoo
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 9741720
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Journey into Sound
Play song None
Composer Dj-Nate
Song ID Unknown

Audio Excursion is an Insane Demon collaboration by numerous people from TouchArcade.

Gameplay Edit

GoodSmile: This consists of a half speed mini wave segment briefly becoming normal size and then followed by a mini ship sequence with a tight passage, where the hard part involving gravity portals with jump orbs in them. Afterwards, the player enters an easier normal cube segment and then a half speed cube section, turning mini along the way.

Zapz: This consists of a half speed mini ball segment which consists of some line trolling and going down to unexpected areas. The player passes through a lot of gravity portals then enters a mini ship sequence, this time it is considerably easier, and the player must tap on some jump orbs along the way to get to the top.

Bio: This consists of a half speed UFO section with a troll at the start (where you need to stay at the bottom), also changing gravity several times. A dual mini wave part then follows, still in half speed, then the player enters a brief swing-copter section.

AbstractDark: This consists of a rather easy looking cube segment which only involves tapping jump orbs, some of them in tricky areas. Next, the player enters a wave segment surrounded by just sawblades and size changes to throw off the player. After a short cube section where the player only taps the orbs inside gravity portals, he/she enters (presumably) the next part.

Miggz: First is a wave and UFO, both with changing gravity, and then a simple ball and cube. Phantom's part follows: first a ball and cube with confusing block trolls, and then into a dual ship which involves flying through breakable blocks in other sets of blocks, also constantly changing gravity, then into a mini ship requiring straight flying.

GoodSmile (second part): This consists of a confusing dual segment involving mixed forms, so one needs to watch both of them carefully.

Star77: This part involves ship and UFO travelling through narrow pathways and changing gravity, which is a reminiscent of Theory of Everything 2. The player briefly becomes dual before entering a cube segment with confusing areas and a ship sequence involving straight flying and one instance of choosing which way to go.

Yaronoo: This part starts with two mini cube jumps before entering a ball part with a colorful background and numerous blocks scattered everywhere. Then, the level ends.



  • This is the first TouchArcade collaboration, the other one is Speed Test which is uploaded by AbstractDark.
    • After the success of Audio Excursion, many people on TouchArcade began to organize their own megacollabs. None of them turned out as successful as Audio Excursion.
  • A sequel from a few original creators with some new members, Audio Extraction, has been verified by GoodSmile.
  • During the level, you can hear exulting the people, sign that the song used is a live in a disco.

Walkthough Edit

Geometry Dash (Insane Demon!) - Audio Excursion - Published by GoodSmile

Geometry Dash (Insane Demon!) - Audio Excursion - Published by GoodSmile

Credit to R3 Studio and GoodSmile

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