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Beat Bust
Screenshot 2015-10-20-06-37-12
Level Information
Creator LLJc28LL
Difficulty Normal Normal
Stars 0Star
ID 10651539
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Never Be Alone
Play song None
Composer TheFatRat
Song ID Unknown

Beat Bust is a level created by LLJc28LL. The level has a retro style and a green, slow version of "Nine Circles" </p>

Description. Edit

This level is made on 1.9 and re-edited on 2.0 for the introduction of user coins. This was created because of the creator, watching some tutorials and creator studio videos, is inspired by Triaxis' Retro Animations Tutorial on YouTube. The description reads "This is my Animated Level".

Gameplay Edit

The level starts in a part of green equalizers while a name "Jc" repeats. The Spike Jumps are synchronized to the music. After the Pattern, The User then flips the gravity, the word, "Loading..." appears. Then the Player goes into a 1.5x speed portal, making the animation smoother to appear. The Player then goes into a Dual Portal, as the beat is highly synchronized to the spikes. The Text Reads "Double Trouble" and follows the Player until the dual cube sequence is passed. The Player then goes into a wave portal, makling it a dual wave sequence. However, the Player must not wave up or it will result a crash. The Player then immediately goes into a Blue Dual Portal. The Beat Continues as The Equalizer goes. Then It continues in matching beat on the invisible spikes. The Player Then Jumps and goes to a Platform. With a similar effect to Viprin's Levels.  The Player drops and goes to a rainbow equalizer. The Player Then goes into a Mirror Portal and a 0.5x Speed. The Equalizer goes green again and makes the spinning animation above the player. The Player goes again into a Mirror Portal and back to Normal Speed. As the green equalizer continues.  The Player Then goes into a Ship Portal. The Player will steer down to get the coin. The Player Goes To a Cube. Then Immediately into a Ball. If the player stays the Gravity Flipped up, the player will obtain the coin. The Player goes to a wave portal and a neat animation appears. The Wave goes into Cube. Then, The Player Gets To Relax a bit. Then a Text Shows up hinting dragons. The Player goes into a wave again. The Effect of the platforms is very similar to Nine Circles. The Player then goes to a ship portal With Locked blocks and Keys. The Ships the goes to a Field of Green-Breathing Dragons. The Player Avoids them and goes to a Robot Portal. The Level ends in a Green equalizer and a moving platform to make the level end.