Level Information
Creator Codex
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10 Star
Level ID 11724995
Song Spaghetti on the Side
Composer Stratales

Blender is a 2.0 demon level created by Codex. It is generally considered an easy or medium demon. It is his first demon level ever created in-game.


Blender starts off as a fairly easy cube mode, which is followed by an easy ball. After that, the words: "Watch Out!" can be seen. Then halfway through it is a cube mode, which adds a few fakes.

Then the level then gets progressively harder at the next game mode, which is a difficult and annoying triple speed robot.

The next segment is an annoying ship section involving teleportation portals, gravity portals, and straight-flying.

The next segment is a double-speed wave that becomes triple speed halfway through. It is then followed by a normal-speed cube part that becomes triple speed halfway through. Then there is a UFO part, which is very annoying and tricky due to the amount of moving objects, precise timings, and size changes. Next, there is a fairly simple ball segment with a few fakes.

Then there is a short slow robot part. It later turns into triple speed. This part is quite simple until the next part which is a very annoying and hard dual robot involving tricky timings.

The next segment is a slow but simple cube mode, the words: "Keep Going!" can be seen. There are a few jumps required as there are spikes in this part, then halfway through there is another simple cube segment. This is followed by another slow ship which is moderately easy. Then the next segment is a cube part.

This is followed by an annoying wave mode, which becomes double speed halfway through. Then there is another hard ship mode, involving gravity changes, straight-flying, and size changes.

The last part is an annoying robot mode, involving precise timings and mashing. Halfway through it is a slow-speed portal, then the words: "Blender by Codex" can be seen. After that, the level ends as a cube.

User Coins

This level contains 3 user coins however, 2 of them requires a key to unlock:

  • The first user coin requires a key to be unlocked which is located at the first ball mode, at 6%. The key can be simply obtained with ease, and the first user coin itself is located at 10% at the 2nd cube mode. The player will must simply click the yellow jump ring, but not the other jump rings which leads the player into a "fake" hazard, obtaining the coin, but the player must remember to jump across the normal path.
  • The second user coin is located at 34%. The player can simply just click the first green jump ring, without clicking the other jump rings, leading the player into the 2nd coin route, the player will be also lead into the normal route by a blue jump pad.
  • The third user coin can be unlocked by a key, which is located at 51%, at the 2nd robot mode. The player must jump with good timing to get the key. The third coin itself is located at 71% in the 2nd ship mode, the player will go under the normal route and can simply get the coin with ease.


  • Kevtom Gamer crashed at 82%.
  • [GS] Drak crashed at 85% right before the mini saw-blade after the blue gravity portal.
  • GuitarHeroStyles crashed at 94%, right before the last moving platform.
  • Geo Dash Brad crashed at 98%, right before the last cube portal.


  • This level is quite influential as its style is being used by many creators.
  • This is one of the first 2.0 Demon levels ever created.
  • There is a sequel of this level named Quantum Blender created by DWShin (and Andro3d), an another popular creator.


Geometry Dash -2

Geometry Dash -2.0- (Demon) - Blender by Codex - GuitarHeroStyles

Credits to GuitarHeroStyles.