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TheExoblade TheExoblade 5 days ago

Page Status

Its TheExoblade here. I wanted to creating some pages for my sandboxes or the main and was finished pages in 2021 or present. Some of the pages are work in progress that has not started, stand-by, finished, might dropped, or even dropped.

Created or even moved on the main pages are italicalized, even reworking the page.

  • 1 Not started
    • 1.1 Created pages
    • 1.2 Non-created pages
  • 2 Stand-by
  • 3 Dropped
  • 4 Finished pages

  • Cosmic Festival
  • Serpents Wrath
  • Pista Arcobaleno
  • Damascus
  • Abyssal Extinction

Note: It will be upcoming creating from the main page or even the sandbox.

  • Artify8
  • Airoz Chaozflow (rework)

  • 4 Matilda
  • firework (endevvor)
  • Espionage
  • crying clouds
  • Sinister Incision
  • Deimos (ItsHybrid, might be moved on main page if verified)
  • Antares (on XAntares's 5th Sandbox)

  • V…

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WintiBear WintiBear 16 days ago

random though but

In Juniper's Trivia, it says that she, Nepesta, GuitarHeroStyles, and Xaro participated in the Minecraft Hunger Games Tournament but got shot down by Technoblade. I saw Technoblades point of view on this where he plays in the tournament they were also in and I watched the video seeing him kill the entire team- (although Juniper i think was seperated from her team)

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JespinjGD JespinjGD 18 days ago

Kappa (Draft)

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HomieDragon HomieDragon 2 December 2021

Level Reviews

Level Reviews will move here now

  • 1 Level Re-Review: #1: Kenos
  • 2 Level Re-Review #2: The Golden
  • 3 Level Re-Review #3: Cold Sweat
  • 4 Level Re-Review #4: Dream Flower
  • 5 Level Re-Review #5: Firework

I have restarted the series.

Gameplay: 50/100

Decoration: 86/100

Song: 32/100

Sync: 50/100

Originality/Uniqueness: 30/100

Legacy: 90/100

Length: 79/100

Charm/Funny: 75/100

Overall Score: 492/800, 61.5/100 (Meh)

Rating Standards:

Gameplay: 65/100

Decoration: 90/100

Song: 88/100

Sync: 96/100

Originality/Uniqueness: 90/100

Legacy: 90/100

Length: 80/100

Charm/Funny: 93/100

Overall Score: 692/800, 86.5/100 (Pretty Good)

Ok so I didn't know what to review so I chose this level lol

Gameplay: …

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Han GD Han GD 16 October 2021

Air Tech (This is a preview)

|song_id = 700355}}Air Tech is an upcoming 2.1 Insane/Extreme Demon megacollaboration created by Elevens and more people and will verified by Amza.

  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 User Coins
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 Walkthrough
  • 5 References

Note: The names listed are the decorators of the level, not the gameplay creator, who is Elevens.

  • 0-3% (MythicalTG):
  • v
  • v
  • 78-83 (AAAAAlex): This part comes out as a dual part consisting of two mini cubes. The bottom cube will jump on a yellow orb and a green orb, while the other one will stay suspended in the air. When the orb that jumped on the two orbs reaches the robot portal, the suspended cube will reach the ground and jump, and while the player holds, the robot will jump on a blue orb after being propelled by a pink jump pad. Both icons will jump…

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Cybercrafted Cybercrafted 15 September 2021

Page Status Report: September

Hi, it's me Cybercrafted. These blogs will list pages that are currently work in progress or abandoned.

EDIT: I forgot to make this clear, but I am not trying to gatekeep any of these pages. You can make any page that I'm thinking about making if you want to.

Currently working on:

  • Falcon16
  • The GD awards page

Put on hold:

  • Biden Circles (waiting for the level to get rated)
  • Freedom19 (preferrably after the level is released, also I think this could be just put in a tabber of the Freedom08 page?)

Abandoned (feel free to work on any of these):

  • Upbeat Universe
  • The shortest rated levels in GD list

Pages that I'm thinking about making:

  • Anahita
  • Aura
  • City Rush
  • Crowd Control
  • Hub
  • Metropolis
  • Spectrum Rave
  • Techno Punk

Want to make once level is released:

  • CraZy I…
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Winlock Winlock 16 August 2021



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K1NGB0B102899 K1NGB0B102899 12 August 2021

What is the point of this

So basically an extended post????

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Thebowtie1 Thebowtie1 17 June 2021

2p demonlist

  1. Codependence
  2. Based Gang
  3. Bang Gang
  4. Elite Z Rebirth
  5. Cholerix
  6. Funkin'
  7. Duelo Maestro
  8. Master Duel
  9. Horntail Cave II
  10. Horntail Cave
  11. 10
  12. Game Time

This is incomplete! if you have any suggestions, please provide them.

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Thebowtie1 Thebowtie1 10 June 2021

Memory Demonlist

  1. Nhelv
  2. Killbot
  3. Super Probably Level
  4. Triple Six
  5. Marathon
  6. Invisible Deadlocked
  7. Primary Maze
  8. Puzzle Trials
  9. Fake A Doom
  10. Mental Torture
  11. Unverified Memory
  12. Diabolic Force
  13. Totally Legit Level
  14. Theory of Intercept
  15. Theory of Firepower

This list is unfinished! I will take suggestions.

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Thebowtie1 Thebowtie1 1 June 2021

NCDL update

  1. Sakupen Circles (59%)
  2. Sonic Wave Infinity (47%)
  3. Cosmic Cyclone (58%)
  4. Arctic Lights (58%)
  5. Aquatic Auroras (51%)
  6. Molten Core (47%)
  7. Hyper Paracosm (52%)
  8. Sonic Wave Rebirth (55%)
  9. Sonic Wave (56%)
  10. Generic Wave (56%)
  11. Bausha Vortex (51%)
  12. Balengu Vortex (51%)
  13. Hyper Paradox (52%)
  14. Mujigae (54%)
  15. Tenth Circle (49%)
  16. Hateful Reflection (59%)
  17. Down Bass (58%)
  18. Poltergeist Reborn (56%)
  19. Azurite (51%)
  20. Abandoned Planet (45%)
  21. Falling Stars (53%)
  22. Infinite Circles v2 (57%)
  23. Nine CircleX (59%)
  24. Apollo 13 (50%)
  25. Future Circles (57%)
  26. Crimson Clutter
  27. In Cargill
  28. Catastrophic
  29. The Secret Box
  30. sharp
  31. Sweet Dreams
  32. Dark Angels
  33. Infernity
  34. SuperNova
  35. Poltergeist
  36. Windy Circles
  37. Astronaut 13
  38. Sine Wavs
  39. Sharp Minor
  40. Classic
  41. Zacarias
  42. Nine Paws
  43. Paracosm XII
  44. Power
  45. Sparkling Hope
  46. Flat Major
  47. Pulsar
  48. Circles Evolution
  49. Antique Ci…
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TheExoblade TheExoblade 24 May 2021


Encantadia is an upcoming 2.1 Extreme Demon hosted by TheExoblade and more. There is no set verifier.

  • 1 History
    • 1.1 The creation process
    • 1.2 The Project Encantadia Trilogy Cancellation
    • 1.3 Buffing to Top 30 and Decoration
    • 1.4 The APTeam Cover song of ATSOL
    • 1.5 Easter Eggs
  • 2 Gameplay
  • 3 Trivia

The level was started on July 18, 2021, started with a song, ATSOL. TheExoblade stated will started to make a layout with a original parts of Bloodbath, Bloodlust, and Aftermath. Then the level was stated to be Top 100 on the Geometry Dash Demonlist.

On September 8, 2021, the Project Encantadia Trilogy was cancelled because the Encantadia Saga wanted to cancel the trilogy, it just because of the Millicent Joyze Situation, a 1-year old Facebook Drama Unfriend Situation an…

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Jotzy Jotzy 28 April 2021

Is The Golden harder than Zodiac?

Good morning/day/afternoon/evening for everyone.

It's a bunch of times when i just note that some real skilled players other than be sure to the fact that The Golden is easier than Tartarus, they say can be even easier than Zodiac (Nswish is a notable example). Moreover i just note most of the players that say The Golden is harder than Tartarus, actually they beat only The Golden.

But i don't want to focus on The Golden Vs Tartarus, i want to focus on The Golden Vs Zodiac:

1) Most skilled players tend to not say which is harder because focus on "The Golden Vs Tartarus"

2) The only two skilled players (as i know) that compare Zodiac to The Golden say that the latter is easier (This is the other than Nswish:…

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AsrielDrawception AsrielDrawception 5 April 2021

R 1 1 2

R 1 1 2 is an Easy Demon created by AsrielPlaysGD. It is a Circles level, and a sequel to the level R 1 2 1. This level was built and verified on tablet.

  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 History
  • 3 Trivia

Coming soon!

One day, AsrielPlaysGD started work on his best level yet, and sequel to R 1 2 1, R 1 1 2. He experimented with effects and block designs, until he finished some of the level. He realized the wave was too hard for him. He practiced it until he beat the wave section. From there, he continued to add to the level. The level was verified and released on April 6, 2021.

  • This is the only good level that AsrielPlaysGD finished.
  • There is more gamemodes at the drop than just wave, including Ship and Cube.
  • AsrielPlaysGD created all of this page. You can’t edit it wi…

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Han GD Han GD 13 March 2021

Choejong Balmun

|composer = MistSomething |id = TBA|last_updated = N/A|version = N/A|song_id = NONG}} Choejong Balmun is an upcoming 2.1 Demon created by LupineTaco.


  • This level is not yet in the makings, but there are three available spots for making this level.
    • The layout will be done by LupineTaco.
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Han GD Han GD 8 March 2021

I'M HOTING A MEGACOLLAB (hope this works)

So there are 16 vacant spots, and 2 spots taken.

You may take a spot for gameplay and decorating, or take both in one part.

Or do what Lucasyecla99 did in Diligence (the level this is remaking)

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Bigcatfan0120 Bigcatfan0120 4 March 2021

A thing i guess

DISCORD USERNAME: bigcatfan0120#2715


plz join i want friends

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 9 February 2021


ITZY-MIDZY(also stylised as Itzy-Midzy) is an upcoming 2.1 Extreme Demon mega-collaboration hosted by ItzYuhun. It is a level named after and dedicated to the five members of ITZY and their fans, called MIDZY.

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Dottedd Dottedd 4 February 2021


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Dottedd Dottedd 3 February 2021

My Profile

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Han GD Han GD 1 February 2021

9 spots for Artificial Ascent trilogy remake Megacollab

Hi, it's Taco7969. I will be making a megacollab named Technical Transcent. It will be an extreme demon, but it is unknown where it would be in the list.

I seperate this level into 12 parts, 3 of which will be made by me in the styles of CodeX, Samifying, and Hinds. You may take inspiration from any creator from the AA trilogy or you can make your own part.

Song: Creo - Aura

1:37-1:45 - Taco7969 (CodeX)

1:45-1:53 - Vacant/Available

1:53-2:00 - Vacant/Available

2:00-2:06 - Vacant/Available

2:06-2:15 - Taco7969 (Samifying)

2:15-2:22 - Vacant/Available

2:22-2:29 - Vacant/Available

2:29-2:38 - Vacant/Available

2:38-2:52 - Vacant/Available

2:52-3:07 - Vacant/Available

3:07-3:22 - Taco7969 (Hinds)

3:22-3:37 - Vacant/Available

Just be a good creator and you ca…

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Dottedd Dottedd 29 January 2021


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Matthew27GD Matthew27GD 27 January 2021

Dark World

Dark World is an upcoming extreme demon By Matthew27, Justice Snake (WaluigiDB2 in game), and verified by Cybernetic Snake.

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Dottedd Dottedd 27 January 2021


I wonder why i put the 9 in my name. Meh, who knows. Maybe its because i started playing GD when i was 9? But hey, thats just a theory. A GAME TH-

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Dottedd Dottedd 25 January 2021

My demons

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Dottedd Dottedd 25 January 2021


Im a new user, and i change my username on GD a shit ton, however once i change it to dotted9, ill stick to that for a while. My current username is: iCosmos, I have 746 stars.

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Brumprohl Brumprohl 22 January 2021


Can you comment on my new page titled "Colors"? It's made by one of my favorite creators, AutoMan2000, and I would appreciate if you were kind enough to do so! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rabidbean23 Rabidbean23 12 January 2021

A Life Cycle

A Life Cycle is an upcoming 2.1 Extreme Demon made by Rabid.

The level

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TerrariaBEAST64590 TerrariaBEAST64590 6 January 2021

GD Impossible Level List

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 List
    • 2.1 Old Impossible Levels
  • 3 Requesting Levels
  • 4 Footage

The Impossible Level List is a list of impossible levels, famous or unknown, that have been created over the many years of GD's existence. I present to you... The Impossible Level List!

Unnerfed Kingdom of Miracalis by GDMiracles
Silent Circles by Cyrillic and TheRealSailent
Slaughterhouse by ICEDCAVE OG
Death Corridor by KaotikJumper
Bloodbath v2 by Vitellari
Haunted Corridor by KaotikJumper and more
Slaughterhouse (NEW) by Icedcave OG and more
Unnerfed Sakupen Hell by Noobas
Sonic Wave v2 by Kerploosh
Satan's Circles by Zeb
Silent Poltergeist by SuperNautilus
Unnerfed Stereo Demoness by MaJackO
Unnerfed Innards by Cinci Singularity by 070
arcturus by maxfs

These levels were once deemed …

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 21 December 2020


Querencia is an upcoming 2.1 solo Extreme Demon level by ItzYuhun.

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Matthew27GD Matthew27GD 9 December 2020

Ghost house

Ghost house is an upcoming extreme demon by Matthew27. This level is based around hard timings and super-memory. The level is intended to be about killbot difficulty if rated.

0:00 - 0:22: the level starts with a ball

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Matthew27GD Matthew27GD 8 December 2020


Satsuei Is an upcoming extreme demon by Matthew27. It is dedicated to ACutePikachu, as the level is basically an offering to him. It may be made by a small creator, but has some competition with levels like Down bass incarnation,

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Matthew27GD Matthew27GD 8 December 2020

Mental torture

“You start to notice something off about your dreams, like the void is trying to speak to you. Will you give in, or escape back to reality?”

Mental torture Is an upcoming extreme demon by Matthew27 and _______. It is a red, purple, and green styled level that will be verified by Matthew27. It is widely know for its flashing lights and concerning messages, that keep the player(s) worried. With messages like “No one survived” and “This is the end”, sets a question about its story. If rated and nerfed, it is estimated to be around bloodbath to athanatos difficulty.

  • The level has a secret at the drop. If you miss the jump pad, you will be teleported above the gameplay, where a bossfight happens until the end of the level.
  • This level is inspired b…

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Matthew27GD Matthew27GD 3 December 2020

All my upcoming levels


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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 24 November 2020

Night of Yoohyeon

Night of Yoohyeon (formerly known as Nightmares of Yoohyeon) was an upcoming 2.1 Epic Insane/Extreme Demon by ItzYuhun. It had a nightmarish concept and the majority of the level would have dark, which wass a main contributor to its difficulty, alongside some tight straight flying, synced sections in the level, several jump scares and a battle against a scary version of Yoohyeon.

[Note: The data has been expunged, as this level is being renamed and revamped and the page is being removed soon.]

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 6 November 2020


ItzYuhun (sometimes referred to as SkittenMeow2011, Yumiga or Requiem Break) is a currently inactive player in Geometry Dash who started playing in 2019. Yuhun is known to be a fan of Skitten and various K-Pop artists like Dreamcatcher, GFRIEND, TWICE and ITZY. Her favourite non-Demon level is Impostor, a Harder difficulty level by PugMaster706, and her favourite Demon levels are Ouroboros and Artifice, currently.

  • 1 Levels
    • 1.1 Unrated Levels
  • 2 Upcoming Levels
  • 3 Upcoming Level Series
    • 3.1 Rise of the Heart Shaker
    • 3.2 Shades of Blue
  • 4 Unconfirmed Levels
  • 6 Trivia

  • Opening-A teaser and possible part of Once Or Twice.
  • Jeongyeon Teaser-A teaser for her upcoming level Jeongyeon. The original 'Jeongyeon Teaser' was released on November 1-TWICE member Jeongyeon's …

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1KingstonBass1 1KingstonBass1 30 October 2020

Blog stuff

I'll be starting to post here, I'm not terribly far in to any levels at the moment, and my existing ones aren't good, not being full/decorated levels. If you want to try a bit of my trash, my username is Kingstonbass. All I have to say here. Bye!

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 22 October 2020


Recollection is an unconfirmed Easy Demon level by ItzYuhun. Currently, I'm not sure how I'll be able to finish my current annouced levels and when I'll begin working on it, but it is unlikely that this will be scrapped, thank Gahyeon.


  • This may be a part of one of Yuhun's three-level series-the other two levels may be called Rememberance and Reminiscence.
  •  Recollection may end up as a Medium Demon.
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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 22 October 2020


"Happy birthday to Jeongyeon, lead vocalist of TWICE. Dedicated to Jeongyeon and ONCE! Verified by me." -ItzYuhun's planned description of the level

Jeongyeon is an upcoming 2.1 Easy Demon being worked on, verified, decorated and set to be published by ItzYuhun. It has a similar theme to Once Or Twice and features a fairly difficult and well-animated boss battle. Yuhun is still working on concept art and designs for the level. 

Gameplay is currently unknown. I have not started working on the layout or any spoilers due to me being busy with Once Or Twice and PLAY.

  • This level is named after and dedicated to the lead vocalist of Twice, Jeongyeon.
  • The set release date is November 1, 2021. November 1 is Jeongyeon's birthday, which indicates that Yu…

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ItzYuhun ItzYuhun 15 October 2020

Once Or Twice

"Can you brave the might of the Heart Shaker? How many times will you do it? Once Or Twice?"

-ItzYuhun in the description

Once Or Twice is an upcoming Medium Demon made by and set to be verified and published by ItzYuhun. It is dedicated to the K-Pop girl group TWICE and has a bossfight named the Heart Shaker as a reference to the TWICE song of the same name. It has a grey-and-white theme with a bit of red and several straight flying sections. Not much else is known about the level, as I (ItzYuhun) haven't started working on the layout yet and I don't know how to make a boss battle. There is a teaser level though called Opening, and it is out.

0-5%: The level begins some slightly difficult jumps in the cube. At about 3%, it changes to a brief…

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Carbonized1 Carbonized1 2 August 2020

Delete this page

Why does this exist?

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AaronReturn2004 AaronReturn2004 17 July 2020

All Demons with over 1 million downloads

  • 1 Easy Demons
  • 2 Medium Demon
  • 3 Hard Demon
  • 4 Insane Demon
  • 5 Extreme Demon

  • The Nightmare
  • The Lightning Road
  • Laser Room
  • Xstep v2
  • Speed Racer
  • yStep
  • X
  • Cresendo
  • Death Moon
  • Buck Force
  • Theory of every v2
  • Demon Park
  • Extinction (by haoN, not Cum)
  • Platinum Adventure
  • Super Cycles
  • Moon Adventure
  • Demon Jumper
  • Problematic
  • DeCode
  • Dear Nostalgists
  • Sky Realm
  • Impulse
  • Hextec Flow
  • Lighrs And Thunder
  • Demon Mixed
  • Speed of Light
  • Chaotic
  • Freedom
  • Insomnia
  • Ultra Paracosm
  • Radioactive Demon
  • Invisible Clubstep
  • DorabaseDifficult4
  • Time Pressure
  • Flappy Weird
  • Infinite Circles
  • Motion
  • Impact X
  • Crazy Bolt
  • Electroman Adven v2
  • Steam Chamber
  • Dimension Machine
  • Clubdrop
  • Apocalypse Eve
  • Blue Hell
  • Star Chaser
  • Mirror Force
  • DarnocDynamix
  • Wild West
  • Adust
  • Cataclysm 1
  • Horizon
  • Gold Temple
  • Requiem (FunnyGame)
  • Slap Squad II
  • Trump Circles
  • Electro Rand
  • ddays
  • C…

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SnowstormOnyx SnowstormOnyx 1 May 2020


When you stub your toe

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Yahadma Yahadma 5 April 2020

Can somebody add Altered Ascent to the demon list

Npesta just verified it 30 mins ago

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Abculas 2nd account Abculas 2nd account 31 March 2020

Each difficulty has most likes

Work In Progress

  • 1 Retray
  • 2 Level Easy
  • 3 OuterSpace
  • 4 Shock
  • 5 Unity

Owner: DiMaViKuLoV26

Music: Detious - Golden Haze [Prev]

Coins: 3

Time: Long

Downloaded: 33500648

Likes: 3983097

Special: Most Liked Level

Difficulty: Easy

Ration: Featured

Owner: Nobody

Music: Stereo Madness

Coins: N/A

Time: Long

Downloaded: 40767691

Likes: 3096342

Special: Most Downloaded Level

Difficulty: Normal

Ration: Featured

Owner: Nicki1202

Music: Space Battle

Coins: 3

Time: Long

Downloaded: 31782671

Likes: 2069247

Special: None

Difficulty: Hard

Ration: Featured

Owner: Danolexx

Music: ColBreakz - 2011

Coins: 3

Time: Long

Downloaded: 8773475

Likes: 923649

Special: Epic

Difficulty: Harder

Ration: Epic

Owner: TriAxis

Music: TheFatRat - Unity

Coins: 3

Time: Long

Downloaded: 10964432

Likes: 1064105

Special: More than 1 Mi…

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UltraCrimson UltraCrimson 18 March 2020

Alright time to decide some thigs

So,The matter of the "The Message wall",apparently,i always am on it..however,they are sometimes important,and i can't ignore everything,i would just be considered a dead player,and i would be literaly nothin,trying to keep my self alive is hard in the community,and i get threats all the time,the matter of it always,i'm literaly not the best,but i don't want to be those dead players..Also i recently exposed a "Hacker",and if you have any supicious players and want evidence then ok.

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AaronReturn2004 AaronReturn2004 28 February 2020

Leaked copies of major 2.0 Extremes: A list


  1. Zimnior12 Version (May 2016): Unfinished copy with Namtar's part being replaced by a different one instead (supposedly by Manix), some unaltered Bloodbath parts and a unfinished extension.
  2. First Knobbelboy Version (September 2016): Leaked a while after Knob became the new verification of the level. Deserves to be reverified.
  3. Unbuffed Final Version (November 2016): Best available leaked copy for a long time.
  4. Pavlukivan Version (Marcb 2017): Practically redundant copy. Similar to Quasar version with Aurorus' part removed and his original Yatagarasu part in the place of ASonicMan's.


  1. Old Yatagarasu/Full "First Preview" WIP Version (March 2016): Stands out on its own merits.
  2. Riot Version without Manix's part (August 2016)

Sonic W…

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Han GD Han GD 4 February 2020


Moonleaf is a 2.1 Extreme Demon created by HaN the Penombreon. The level relies on sync and wave timings.

  • The song is a mashup from the Kirby series.
  • After making a layout named, P R O G R A M, HaN the Penombreon planned to make another GD layout from Kirby.
  • The song is not on Newgrounds, thus it is NONG.
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NightmaresRevenge NightmaresRevenge 6 January 2020


How do you make the biography on your profile?

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Han GD Han GD 22 December 2019

Extreme Demon Official Handbook I am promoting my official Extreme Demon Handbook here.

Guys I need help :(

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