Boss Fight
Bossfight gameplay
Level Information
Creator KingRob
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 7Star
ID 11109468
Last updated Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song Invaders
Composer Waterflame

Not to be confused with Bossfight, a music composer.

Boss Fight is a 2.0 Harder 7* level created by KingRob. It consists of only a ship sequence.

Gameplay Edit

This level is a new concept using 2.0 features, such as moving objects and monsters. There are a total of three 'stages' in the map, each involving monsters shooting hazards at the player that must be avoided.

  • The first boss is in normal speed with a dark red background. It shoots five small spikes (with fire on their backs), two sawblades, and a line of fire before leaving.
  • The second boss is also in normal speed. The background is now blue. The hazards are now more challenging. The first half of this part shoots bunches of hazards at a fixed position; while the second has "targets" following the player, also releasing hazards at a fixed position. There are two User Coins here.
  • The third boss is in fast speed. The background is now back to red. The boss shoots two diagonal lines of monsters, after which the player must narrowly avoid it as it suddenly shoots off to the left of the screen. It then returns and starts moving around the screen, all while smaller monsters appear on the floor and ceiling. It then stops near a wall, the player passes through a gap in the wall to complete the level.


  • This level was very influential, as many creators started to use the idea of bossfights in their levels.
  • This level was actually inspired from a similar section in the official level Deadlocked. However, the monsters there only shot straight lasers, and did not follow the player.
  • In the end, the line "You Win!" appears, congratulating the player on completing the level.

Walkthrough Edit

Geometry Dash -2

Geometry Dash -2.0- - Boss Fight by Kingrob (All Coins) - Javithex

Credits to Javithex.