BrianTheBurger is an extremely skilled American 144Hz player in Geometry Dash who has beaten numerous Extreme Demons. He got beaten by Technical twice on the demonlist stats viewer. He has beaten 5 out of the 9 former hardest demon levels in the game, that being Crimson Planet, Plasma Pulse Finale, Gamma, Spacial Rend, and Sonic Wave. He also performed the biggest fluke ever made on Yatagarasu, when he fluked from 51-100%. He also verified the two list demons Furious Flames and Atmosphere, which are placed at #50 and #94 respectively. He is currently #5 on the Stats Viewer, above Rainstorm (#6), and below RG123456789 (#4).

On May 19, 2019, he also verified an Extreme Demon named Belloq, which is a mega-collaboration hosted by Sminx and Pennutoh.[1]

On February 12, 2020, he became the 6th person to have completed 100 Extreme Demons, after Rainstorm, Kainite, iNeo, nSwish, and Technical49, after he beat Skrrah by VirtualCrack.[2] BrianTheBurger has collaborated on many levels that have thousands of likes. He is noted by his peers as possibly the cutest Geometry Dash player.

On September 1, 2020, he achieved 61% on Tartarus by Riot, the current #1 demon.[3]


Unrated Levels

  • Ambush
  • Berke423
  • Dumb Challenge - His first level ever created.
  • Elite Flying Bro
  • Leafy Dungeon
  • Mr Krabs Challenge - A joke challenge level.
  • shut your mouth

Best Achievements

  1. Crimson Planet by TrueOmega (#5)
  2. Cognition by EndLevel (#7)
  3. Lucid Nightmares by CairoX (#11)
  4. Arctic Lights by Metalface221 (#13)
  5. Visible Ray by Krampux (#15)
  6. Kowareta by Shuri (#17)
  7. The Yandere by Dorami (#18)
  8. Ouroboros by ViPriN (#21)
  9. Plasma Pulse Finale by Smokes (#22)
  10. Sigma by MindCap (#24)
  11. Gamma by MindCap (#25)
  12. Spacial Rend by Eclipsed (#26)
  13. Sonic Wave by Sunix (#27)
  14. Yatagarasu by TrusTa (#31)
  15. Titan Complex by TCTeam (#34)
  16. WOW by TrusTa (#35)
  17. Erebus by BoldStep (#37)
  18. Devil Vortex by Rustam (#38)
  19. xo by KrmaL (#39)
  20. ZAPHKIEL by Darwin (#44)
  21. Digital Descent by ViPriN (#46)
  22. Paroxysm by Lemons (#47)
  23. Tapwreck by MrLorenzo (#48)
  24. Cadrega City by Pennutoh (#51)
  25. Stalemate Redux by TehTactiq (#52)
  26. Catalyze by ZephiroX (#53)
  27. Step To Hell by LazYe (#54)
  28. Factory Realm X by HelpegasuS (#55)
  29. Killbot by BoldStep (#58)
  30. Demonicat by f3lixsram (#59)
  31. Delta Interface by Platnuu (#62)
  32. Artificial Ascent by ViPriN (#63)
  33. Ethereal Artifice by Zeroya (#65)
  34. Ziroikabi by RoiMousti (#69)
  35. Quantum Processing by Riot (#70)
  36. Glowy by RobBuck (#71)
  37. Rate Demon by RoiMousti (#73)
  38. Bausha Vortex by Pennutoh (#75)
  • This is according to the demon list's stat viewer.


  • Some of his least-liked list demons include Paroxysm, Elite Z Rebirth, and Step to Hell.
  • He considers Plasma Pulse Finale harder than Spacial Rend and the second hardest level he has ever beaten (after Crimson Planet).
  • He has broken several records on numerous Extreme Demons, such as Yatagarasu or Phobos.
  • As seen in DiamondSplash’s or Technical49’s streams, he is noted to be very loud and makes many ear-rape screeches. For example, when DiamondSplash beat Factory Realm X, someone screamed “F**K YOU*.[4] When Technical49 got 89% on Plasma Pulse Finale, he screamed “L” (a current trending meme) a total of five times.
  • He was the first 144hz victor of Crimson Planet other than the verifier himself, rWooshi.


Furious Flames by Failure444, Verified by me (Extreme Demon?) (144hz)

Furious Flames by Failure444, Verified by me (Extreme Demon?) (144hz)

The verification of Furious Flames. Credits to BrianTheBurger.

Have a Drink by Pennutoh, Verified by me (Hard Demon?) (144hz)

Have a Drink by Pennutoh, Verified by me (Hard Demon?) (144hz)

The verification of Have a Drink. Credits to BrianTheBurger.

Pennutoh, Verified by me (Extreme Demon?) (144hz)

Pennutoh, Verified by me (Extreme Demon?) (144hz)

The verification of Belloq. Credits to BrianTheBurger.


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