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Demon.png Demon levels reward 10Star.png upon completion. They are the most difficult levels possible in Geometry Dash, and usually require considerable practice and time to complete. As of Update 2.1, Demon levels are further divided into 5 tiers of increasing difficulty:

  • Easy Demon.png Easy Demons - They are the easiest among the 5 subcategories, which requires a minimum amount of skill and effort to beat. Notable examples include The Nightmare, THE LIGHTNING ROAD, and Sidestep.
  • Medium Demon.png Medium Demons - The average-tier Demon difficulty. Although they are slightly harder than an Easy Demon, they are not something as hard as those mentioned below. Examples include Theory of SkriLLex, B, and Lonely travel.
  • Hard Demon.png Hard Demons - These are the mid-tier Demon difficulty. Hard Demons are quite difficult, requiring a good amount of practice and effort to complete. Known Hard Demons are Future Funk, Nine Circles, and CraZy.
  • Insane Demon.png Insane Demons - Very challenging Demon levels requiring a high amount of skill and effort to beat, although it is not something as truly punishing as an Extreme Demon, still they pose a challenge to the player. Notable Insane Demons are Supersonic, Necropolis, and Duelo Maestro.
  • Extreme Demon.png Extreme Demons - The hardest among the 5 subcategories. These levels demand a significant amount of competence, skill, patience, and effort to complete, thus posing a great challenge. Best examples include Bloodbath, Zodiac, and Artificial Ascent.

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