Clubstep v2
Clubstep v2
Level Information
Creator Neptune
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 450920
Song Clubstep
Composer Dj-Nate

Clubstep v2 is a 1.6 Hard Demon created by Neptune. It is a buffed and remade version of official level #14 (Clubstep by RobTop). It used to be considered a hard demon, but is an easy/medium demon to most now.


Clubstep v2 isn't too much more difficult than the original, and is basically a 1.6 looking level. It does however require you to be more active, as there are almost no rest periods. The easiest part is probably the ball section at 43%, and the hardest section is probably the upside down ship part at 88%.





Geometry Dash- ClubStep V2

Geometry Dash- ClubStep V2

Credit to RobTopGames for the video. Keep in mind that this is a hacked version.

"Geometry Dash" Clubstep v2 By Neptune (Demon)

"Geometry Dash" Clubstep v2 By Neptune (Demon)

The legitimate version, just in case. Credit to Dz3sEr Gaming for the video.