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Clubstep v2
Clubstep v2
Level Information
Creator Neptune
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 450920
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Clubstep
Play song None
Composer Dj-Nate
Song ID Unknown

Clubstep v2 is a 1.6 Hard Demon created by Neptune. As its name suggests, It is a buffed remake of official level #14 (Clubstep by RobTop). It used to be considered a hard demon, but is an easy/medium demon to most now.

Clubstep v2 isn't too much more difficult than the original, and is basically a 1.6 looking level. It does however require you to be more active, as there are almost no rest periods. The easiest part is probably the ball section at 43%, and the hardest section is probably the upside down ship part at 88%.




  • Brandon Larkin crashed at 90% and 96%.
  • catman199 crashed at 95%, 97%, 98%, and several times past 85%.


  • It is the first level in the Demon Pack 9.


Geometry Dash- ClubStep V2

Geometry Dash- ClubStep V2

Credits to RobTopGames. Keep in mind that this is a hacked version.

"Geometry Dash" Clubstep v2 By Neptune (Demon)

"Geometry Dash" Clubstep v2 By Neptune (Demon)

The legitimate version, just in case. Credits to Dz3sEr Gaming.