Level Information
Creator DavJT and N R G
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 40945673
Last updated in 2.1
Level version 1
Song name Circus Comtraption - Charmed I'm Sure Dirtypaws Remix) (New Mix) Instrumental
Play song None
Composer Dirtypawsofficial
Song ID 774298

CraZy is a 2.1 Insane Demon collaboration created by DavJT and N R G, and verified by DavJT. The level is 1 minute and 20 seconds long. It is popular for containing circus clown themed parts and a skull boss fight in it. The level is in fact known to be a Hall of Fame demon.


  • 0-8%: Cyborg themed part with a clown monster you will fly through as a ship, although the part is not as hard it gets harder.
  • 8-11%: UFO spam with up and down portals in 3x speed.
  • 11-23%: Timing cube part at 2x speed. By the way, in 20% the background changes into an animated puppet show.
  • 23-34%: Fast 3x speed flying with a count down till the drop. In order to not die you had to dodge the wheels.
  • 34-61%: Drop incomes with more timing parts, especially with the spider. Fact: Before the boss fight you may fall in a hole, but you may see a part of press start while falling.
  • 61-86%: Skull Boss Fight comes in with moving objects and flying while fighting it. Sometimes the boss does not do anything while you are jumping.
  • 86-100%: Boss finally ends. after the boss ends when you get eaten, the level continues with more timing cube parts, in the end, it will show the logo for the level.


  • The level has a 2nd version of it made by the original creators with a different soundtrack.
  • CraZy is considered advanced rating Insane Demon, there were a few easy parts in the level someone considered but the level was overall still Insane Demon.
  • The 2nd version, CraZy II. Has some same things from the first one but improved and was harder.
  • The main level purpose was about a CraZy circus with clowns, the theme was based on the music which had the word Circus in it which gave the creator an idea.


''CraZy'' 100% (Demon) by DavJT -All Coins- - Geometry Dash -2

''CraZy'' 100% (Demon) by DavJT -All Coins- - Geometry Dash -2.11-



Just Another Insane Demon - Geometry Dash 2

Just Another Insane Demon - Geometry Dash 2.11 - CraZy - DavJT

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