Crazen was an American Geometry Dash player. He had beaten several Extreme Demons such as Zodiac, Crimson Planet, Cognition, The Golden, and was also known for the verification of the XL Artificial Ideology rebirth, Calculator Core. Until his ban, Crazen was #2 on the Stats Viewer, above Technical (who is currently back at #2), and below nSwish (#1).

He is infamous for attempting to steal and verify Bloodlust and making progress on his own Low Detail Mode copy without permission from Knobbelboy.[1] This caused controversy within the community. He has also sparked controversy from occasionally hacking levels and passing their completions as legit, such as Titan Complex, for which his completion video was exposed by Gabs for having visible cuts.


On July 29, 2019, Crazen began to progress on Calculator Core and achieved a start position run of 46-81%.[2] Over a month later on September 9, he achieved a new best of 67%.

On September 8, 2019, Crazen beat Bloodlust. The completion has been described as comedic because he managed to do so on an attempt where he was in a voice-call and was constantly being distracted by intentional loud noises throughout the attempt.[3]

On October 5, 2019, Crazen completed the current #3 Demon, Zodiac.[4]

On November 23, 2019, Crazen verified Calculator Core for his first-ever verification project. In the video description, he stated that he found this to be the most enjoyable XL Extreme Demon he had played to date.[5]

On May 27, 2020, Crazen completed and verified Wasureta, a level he originally made as a layout for fun that eventually evolved into a fully decorated Extreme.[6]

On September 13, 2020, Crazen completed The Golden, which is currently his most difficult achievement.[7]


Unrated Levels

  • 65
  • 8bitryan
  • ABP 240Hz - A fixed version of A Bizarre Phantasm for 240Hz users.
  • Abyssal Vortex
  • Artificial Ascent ld - A Low Detail version of Artificial Ascent.
  • Autism Challenge 1
  • Autism Challenge 10
  • Autism Challenge 11
  • Autism Challenge 12
  • Autism Challenge 16
  • Autism Challenge 17
  • Autism Challenge 18
  • Autism Challenge 2
  • Autism Challenge 3
  • Autism Challenge 4
  • Autism Challenge 6
  • Autism Challenge 7
  • Autism Challenge 8
  • Autism Challenge 9
  • Autism Processing
  • Bloodbath
  • Bloodbath Crack x10 - Crack's part in Bloodbath ten times in a row.
  • Bloodbath Nerfed - A slightly nerfed version of Bloodbath.
  • Bloodlust 240Hz - A fixed version of Bloodlust for 240Hz users.
  • Bloodlust gay combi
  • Buffed DI
  • Cant Let Go Wave
  • CC Challenge
  • Centipede Reloaded
  • Comboned
  • Coral Cave SpeedEdit
  • DefThlow Challenge - A challenge level meant for DefThlow.
  • Devil Vortex x3
  • Dimension X
  • Down Bass
  • EndLevel Challenge - A challenge level meant for EndLevel.
  • Falling Up Challenge
  • Feel Good
  • Festa Notturna
  • Fixed Hitbox Fun
  • Innards Copy - A copyable of INNARDS.
  • Insomnia x4 - Insomnia four times in a row.
  • Invisibos - A copy of Phobos with lower visibility.
  • Jumper Wave
  • Landos Summer Break
  • Lime Challenge
  • MetaManZ Challenge - A challenge level for MetaManZ.
  • Minneapolis - A fixed version of Crimson Planet
  • my part in mc4
  • Mystic
  • Paroxysm extension - An extended version of Paroxysm.
  • plasma pulse III - A fixed version of Plasma Pulse III for 240Hz users.
  • potato chips
  • Restart Layout
  • Retention 144Hz ver - A fixed version of Retention for 144Hz users.
  • Riot Challenge - A challenge level meant for Riot.
  • SUBVERSIVE 240Hz - A fixed version of SUBVERSIVE for 240Hz users.
  • Subversive 75Hz - A fixed version of SUBVERSIVE for 75Hz users.
  • Supreme Wave - A difficult wave challenge level.
  • Time Machine Wave
  • Trembler WIP
  • UDM 144Hz
  • Unnerfed Calc Core - The original, unnerfed version of Calculator Core. It was given to Crazen before he made nerfs and bug-fixes.
  • Unnerfed Gamma - The original, unnerfed version of Gamma.
  • Wasureta - An Extreme Demon that was originally made as a challenge for himself. He later got a team of decorators who finished the level. It was originally verified and published by Crazen himself. However, in mid-October 2020, his version was suddenly unrated and it was re-uploaded under Augi's account and re-rated.
  • Wave Racer

Canceled/Deleted Levels

  • BloodLust LDM - A Low Detail Mode copy of Bloodlust with some nerfed parts. It has since been replaced with Knobbelboy's copy, which Crazen is still working on via Knobbelboy's rated version.
  • Vutriot - A level that had at least 59 dislikes.


  • Crazen Steals Bloodlust - He tried to verify Bloodlust by himself, without Knobbelboy's permission. Eventually, Crazen relinquished the level to Knobbelboy.
  • Low Death Controversy - He took Low Death to verify because he was overwhelmed with the level being a meme and wanted to do a legitimate verification, as well as receiving a shirt distributed by KrmaL that says "Verify Low Death". He called it "Buffed High Life", before eventually dropping it.
  • Pointercrate #1 Baiting - He was at one point #1 on the Pointercrate Demon List stats viewer for about one hour before being overtaken by Technical, whom he has been battling for #2 with recently.
  • Twisted Tranquility Buffdate Revertion - Twisted Tranquility, an Extreme Demon Megacollab hosted by Flukester, was recently reverted back to the version verified by BoldStep, this was likely a response to an overwhelming amount of complaints about Crazen's Buffdate, as it was considered unfair to 60hz and mobile players, we have received a state from Crazen who has said on record that he does not care that much but he's reaffirmed his opposition to the level being reverted.
  • Titan Complex Hacking Accusations - Crazen was banned from the Official Demon List when he confessed to hacking Titan Complex. His six-month ban ended on December 11, 2019. He was placed #4 on the Stats Viewer, above nSwish and below Rainstorm.
    • According to him, he re-beat Titan Complex in 35 attempts.


  • He is the first player to legitimately complete Spacial Rend after its verification.
  • His first Extreme Demon, Cataclysm, was beaten on December 25, 2017. It was the same day he got his 240Hz monitor.
  • After getting a 240Hz monitor, he beat Cataclysm, Bloodbath, Aftermath, and Breakout, all in less than a week.
  • He is the first player to beat Kowareta (which is stated to be the hardest medium-length Demon) legitimately.
  • He almost fluked Zodiac from 75%, crashing at 97% (which was also his worst fail on the level). If he would have likely beaten the level on the said attempt, he would have achieved the biggest fluke ever done on the level, as it is currently from 79% by American player Ozzy612.
  • He had to reupload Invisibos because the first time he uploaded it there was a typo in the name "Inivisibos".



(VERIFIED!) Calculator Core by Walroose & more -LIVE- - crazen

The verification of Calculator Core. Credits to Crazen.


(VERIFIED!) Tempered Steel by ItsHybrid & more - crazen

The verification of Tempered Steel. Credits to Crazen.


"INFINITE INIQUITY" VERIFIED! (XXL Extreme Demon) - crazen

The verification of Infinite Iniquity. Credits to Crazen.


"VOID WAVE" VERIFIED! (XXL Extreme Demon) - crazen

The verification of Void Wave. Credits to Crazen.


"BIOHAZARD" VERIFIED by Artumanka & more (Extreme Demon) -LIVE- - crazen

The verification of Biohazard. Credits to Crazen.


"SURGE OF RENEWAL" VERIFIED! (EPIC Extreme Demon) - crazen

The verification of Surge of Renewal. Credits to Crazen.


"REVERENCE" VERIFIED (EPIC Extreme Demon) - crazen

The verification of Reverence. Credits to Crazen.


"BETRAYAL OF DESTINY" VERIFIED! (Extreme Demon) - crazen

The verification of Betrayal of Destiny. Credits to Crazen.


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