Level Information
Creator Mask648
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 186646
Last updated Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song Theory of Everything
Composer DJ Nate

Crescendo is an Easy Demon created by Mask648.

Description Edit

This level is compared to be one of the easiest demons in the game, although some consider it "the hardest early easy demon." It is in Demon Pack 3, and is generally considered the hardest of the three (the others being The Lightning Road and The Nightmare). It does not have many tricks, only some fakes that can cause trouble. Overall, this level is very easy but gets harder as it goes on. Although the soundtrack in the level is Theory of Everything, its design is considered to be a mix of xStep and Theory of Everything.


  • At 7%, the player can tap the blue jump orb that he/she is not supposed to tap late, and if he/she holds, he/she can jump off a block with spikes and continue normally, only that the background stays red until the ball section.
  • At 7%, the player can skip the blue jump pad, and he/she may fall into the void.


Geometry Dash Demon Levels -Crescendo (by Mask463) DEMON PACK 3 COMPLETE

Geometry Dash Demon Levels -Crescendo (by Mask463) DEMON PACK 3 COMPLETE

Credit to Muzik Bike