Danger Zone
Level Information
Creator GD Jose
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars Star 7
Level ID 28677296
Song Machina
Composer Dex Arson

Danger Zone is a 2.1 level made by GD Jose. It is the final level of the Lava Gauntlet. It is harder and epic rated.


It started out with a cube. It has lava, and monster throwing fireballs. It has jump orbs, and it has dash orbs, and when you hit the dash orbs it speeds up. Then it goes into a spider where monsters are chasing you and you hit dash orbs to speed up and make them go back. Then it goes into a slow and easy ship. Then it goes into a cube with lava asnd jump orbs. Then before the drop it is robot, then a cube that has a platform that launches you up. Then it goes into a ship with 4x speed portals and other things. In between the ship part their is a short wave. The level end with a cube and GD Joses' name next to a thumbs up.


  • This is the final Lava Gauntlet Level.
  • This has the song Machina by Dex Arson, a song popularized by a Geometry Dash World level.
  • This is the 36th daily level.
  • The level name may be a reference to the song "Danger Zone" by Kenny loggins.


Danger Zone by GD Jose Geometry Dash

Danger Zone by GD Jose Geometry Dash

Credits to Michigun. The Walkthrough of Danger Zone.