Level Information
Creator Rek3dge
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 13081515
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Endgame
Play song None
Composer Waterflame
Song ID Unknown

DeCodeX is a 2.0 Hard Demon created by Rek3dge. As its name suggests, it is a remake of his popular level, DeCode. This level has roughly the same layout as DeCode, but was remade in 2.0. Hence, the overall design has changed a lot, using the new 2.0 textures. Some other changes made including replacing the fast cube with a robot, and a few moving obstacles, most notable during the moving portals with the UFO.


  • This level seems to signal Rek3dge's comeback after it was thought he quit Geometry Dash after removing his previous videos.
  • DeCodeX was also hacked by Anaban as well as DeCode, but was restored.

Crashes Edit

  • GuitarHeroStyles crashed at 83%(Near the ship and size portal) and 87%.
  • SoulsTRK crashed at 80%.
  • RealGoldenDash crashed at 96%.

Video Edit

Geometry Dash - DecodeX -DEMON- - By- Rek3dge (On Stream)

Geometry Dash - DecodeX -DEMON- - By- Rek3dge (On Stream)

Credit to Riot for the video.