Level Information
Creator InsanE, Cypher, SQRL, Straw, Splash, KugelBlitZ, BoldStep, Zenith, Failure444, TacoMacho, Hexhammer, Metalface221, AirSwipe, and EndLevel (host), set to be verified by npesta
Difficulty Insane Insane (Extreme Demon Extreme Demon once rated)
Stars 0Star (10Star once rated)
Level ID 46576430
Song Phobos
Composer Solkrieg

Deimos is a 2.1 upcoming Extreme Demon mega-collaboration created by EndLevel and more. This level is the unnerfed version of Phobos, but redesigned and buffed.

It was initially set to be verified by EndLevel, but then he quit Geometry Dash. Therefore, he passed it on to Skullo, who then had a record of 81%.[1] Then, he heavily buffed the level, but while verifying it, he quit, but Crazen took over and attempted to verify it himself. Then he quit the verification, and Skullo verified the level using hacks[2] (which does not mean that he is returning). A player named npesta is now verifying it,[3] and has completed runs of 60-85%,[4] 43%,[5] and 54-100%.[6]


  • 0-4% (InsanE):
  • 5-8% (Cypher):
  • 9-13% (SQRL):
  • 13-18% (Straw):
  • 19-25% (Splash):
  • 26-32% (KugelBlitZ):
  • 33-39% (BoldStep):
  • 40-62% (Zenith):
  • 63-67% (Failure444):
  • 68-73% (TacoMacho):
  • 74-78% (Hexhammer):
  • 79-82% (Metalface221):
  • 83-89% (Zenith II):
  • 90-97% (Blaireseip):
  • 98-100% (EndLevel):


  • At the end of the original non-buffed level, there is a quote saying "Trust no one, not even yourself". It is based on a meme made with Photoshop with a boy pointing a gun at his clone.
    • Some think the level will not be rated because of the ending.


Deimos Extreme Buffdate (Noclip)

Deimos Extreme Buffdate (Noclip)

Credits to Skullo. A full Noclip of the Extreme Buffed Deimos.

Full Level NOCLIP - Deimos (Extreme Demon) - By Endlevel & more TO BE VERIFIED BY ENDLEVEL

Full Level NOCLIP - Deimos (Extreme Demon) - By Endlevel & more TO BE VERIFIED BY ENDLEVEL

Credits to BoldStep. A full Noclip of the unbuffed Deimos.