Dhafin is an Indonesian player and level creator in Geometry Dash. He is also a mod. He is mostly known for his level, Problematic, an easy demon Nine Circles level known for its notoriously annoying pre-wave segment and yet being one of the easiest Nine Circles demons in the game.


Easy Levels

  • Glow Surface (featured)

Normal Levels

  • The Falcon Armada (starred)

Hard Levels

  • Arithmetic Force (featured) - His entry for TriAxis's 1st Creator Contest, which placed second.
  • Block Traffic (starred)
  • Carefree (starred)
  • Globe Navigation (featured) - The second level in the Electro Pack.
  • Haumea (featured)
  • Metropolis City (starred)
  • NightLights (featured)
  • Pixel Life (featured)
  • RadioCutter (featured)
  • Rainbow Flowers (starred) - His entry for Viprin's 1st Creator Contest.
  • Sweet Drums (featured) - A remake of Sweet Dreams by CreatorJR.

Harder Levels

  • Capture The Dubstep (featured) - A remake of Capture The Flash by CreatorJR.
  • Electro Jumper (unrated)
  • Glow Dry Out (unrated) - His second entry for Etzer's 2nd Creator Contest.
  • Go Beyond (featured) - A collaboration with TamaN, MarioT3, PTB10, and haoN.
  • Pixel Warp (featured) - A collaboration with TamaN.
  • Rainbow Fantasy (unrated) - His entry for Rek3ege's Effect Creator Contest.
  • Rigid Tunnel (featured) - His entry for Viprin's 4th Creator Contest.
  • Rocket City (featured) - His entry for Viprin's 2nd Creator Contest.
  • Trademark Medley (featured)
  • Uptight Tunnel (featured) - His first 2.0 level.
  • Winter Colours (featured) - A collaboration with DrDdog and Tr0ll0bri1ne. It was his entry for Darnoc's 4th Creator Contest.

Insane Levels

  • Endless Dash (starred)

Demon Levels

Easy Demons

  • Problematic (featured) - His easy remake of Nine Circles.

Medium Demons

  • Parallel Run (featured)

Hard Demons

  • Anger Storm (featured)


  • Some people call him "Dolphin", because Dolphin and Dhafin have similar pronunciations.
  • Dhafin's full name is Dhafin Rayhan Ahmad.
  • He has only 3 demon levels created: Anger Storm, Problematic and Parallel Run.
  • He is currently an inactive user on Geometry Dash Fan Wikia, however he was often mistaken to be fake, until it was confirmed.