Digital Death
Level Information
Creator Etzer
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
Level ID 9458917
Song Lavender Town Haunting
Composer Solkrieg

Digital Death is a Hard 4* level created by Etzer as part of the #SaveTriAxis campaign.


This level is retro-styled just like TriAxis' original levels, featuring the animations and black-green color scheme. At the end of the level, the words "For Tri" and a heart are seen in pixel art.


  • According to Etzer, the level was actually made to show his support for the Geometry Dash community, which had lots of conflict at that time.
  • TriAxis stated in a video that this level is what stopped himself from taking his own life.
  • Etzer himself stated in his video that a few levels, including this one, were based off his emotion at the time.



Digital Death by etzer (me)

Digital Death by etzer (me)

Credit to Etzer.