Digital Death
Level Information
Creator Etzer
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
ID 9458917
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Lavender Town Haunting
Play song None
Composer Solkrieg
Song ID Unknown

Digital Death is a Hard 4* level created by Etzer as part of the #SaveTriAxis campaign.


This level is retro-styled just like TriAxis' original levels, featuring the animations and black-green color scheme. At the end of the level, the words "For Tri" and a heart are seen in pixel art.


  • According to Etzer, the level was actually made to show his support for the Geometry Dash community, which had lots of conflict at that time.
  • TriAxis stated in a video that this level is what stopped himself from taking his own life.
  • Etzer himself stated in his video that a few levels, including this one, were based off his emotion at the time.



Digital Death by etzer (me)

Digital Death by etzer (me)

Credit to Etzer.