Level Information
Creator FunnyGame
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
ID 5298301
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Midnight
Play song None
Composer Cornandbeans
Song ID Unknown

Dreamer is a 1.9 Hard 4* level created by FunnyGame. The level extends animations and features numerous advanced effects.

Gameplay Edit

The level starts with a half speed cube section that contains some simple jumps and a handful of ticking clocks. Next, the player enters a mini UFO segment, no more harder that the first cube. Then the player will transform into a harder cube section with high speed and improved jumps, but their pattern is mostly simple. This section also features neon effects everywhere. Afterwards, the player enters a simple but fast wave segment with obstacles everywhere. Then it comes to an easy ship sequence with only straight flying and some tricks. Then it comes to a quite difficult but still easy dual cube where the obstacles are not parallel, and its colors are the player's primary and secondary colors. However, it is quite easy to time this section, as you just need to make a series of constant jumps. After the dual cube, the player enters a mini wave segment that contains sawblades and traps everywhere. If the player manages to pass the wave, the level will end with an "end" text, the creator's icon, and one of the default icons. Throughout the level, the player will see motifs of animated clocks.

Walkthrough Edit

Dreamer - FunnyGame

Dreamer - FunnyGame

Credits to Viprin.