EndLevel (end on YouTube) was an American player and novice level creator in Geometry Dash. He was mostly known for beating several Extreme Demons such as Sonic Wave,[1] Erebus,[2] and as the verifier of Mystic. Most of his achievements were proved to be fake, however, as he confessed to hacking nearly all his major achievements and was exposed to have created a "How to Hack" Pastebin with MaleVeronica.[3]

He has recently seemed to come back stating some new Extreme Demon progress and commenting on levels more frequently.

He has a part in Kowareta.


He was the second person to complete the Insane/Extreme Demon Allegiance after the verifier, Rlol, supposedly via hacks. He was also set to verify a buffed unnerfed update to the level but he never finished it.[4]

On a forgotten date, all of the videos in his channel were deleted. However, on December 28, 2017, he made a new channel and reuploaded some of his old videos and uploaded new videos,[5] one of the most notable being him having beaten Quantum Processing.[6] In addition, he released a preview of an update for Mystic.[7]

In June 2018, his videos were deleted again, making his Geometry Dash videos unwatchable. His username changed to "rawr xd" and his banner, icon ([8]) and channel description also completely changed, making people believe he was hacked. In reality, he changed his YT channel because he wanted to leave Geometry Dash.

On July 3, 2018, ToshDeluxe posted a video which revealed info about EndLevel. He stated that EndLevel said he speed-hacked his big achievements according to Discord messages without telling anyone except his close friends, such as Crazen, and that he created a Pastebin with MaleVeronica telling the reader how to speed-hack without getting caught.[3][9] Endlevel's Discord account completely disappeared but Tosh saved his chats to Crazen and also talked to them. It also revealed that he had hacked for Nepmere, an unskilled Geometry Dash player (thus creating a alter ego).

On January 22, 2019, he returned once again and achieved 86% on the new Mystic update, and possibly won’t hack this time.[10] About a week later on January 31, 2019, he also finished the Eudonomic remake, after several months.[11]

On February 9, 2019, EndLevel released a preview of his new level Sweetie Little Jean.[12]

On March 4, EndLevel beat Silhouette.[13] Then on March 27, he achieved a start position run of 51-100% on Unearthed.[14]

On May 5, EndLevel beat Retention in 719 attempts.[15]


  • EndLevel Exposing - Around July 2018, ToshDeluxe comes out with a video damning EndLevel's career and his channel disappears for the fourth time. However, this also lands ToshDeluxe in hot water for manipulating evidence (including screenshots that go as far back as 2016) to make it look even worse.[16]


Unrated Levels

  • 2 Player Chal - A two-player challenge level.
  • Andante
  • Arctic Lights - A difficult Nine Circles remake that is a more visible sequel to Hyper Paracosm. ViRuZ made the first part, and EndLevel did the rest. It was hacked by Endlevel but Metalface221 officially verified the level legitimately on February 16th, 2019. A Russian player named Sinon may or may not have beaten the level (but anyhow using the FPS Bypass) legitimately.
  • Colorful Choofy
  • Count COuntcountcoun
  • Death Corridor - A redesign of Death Corridor by Blaireswip, verified by him.
  • Deimos CC - The framework for entries to his Deimos Creator Contest.
  • DemigodForce
  • Emperors New Clothes - A collaboration with TrueOmega.
  • Enelevel Allegiance
  • factory party
  • Fusion Q
  • Giron lol
  • Hyper Paracosm - A difficult remake of Nine Circles and a collaboration between by ViruZ and Sneaky. It was verified by EndLevel himself.
  • Internet Friends
  • Josh Challenge
  • knots - A collaboration with Nwolc.
  • Kowareta - A collaboration with Rin and Minaxa. Possibly harder than Bloodlust.
  • magnix
  • Markiplier Outro
  • Mescalink
  • Old Cataclysm - The original version of Cataclysm.
  • Old Death Note - The original version of Death Note.
  • Old DeathsGate - The original version of DeathsGate.
  • Old Down Bass - The original version of Down Bass.
  • Paracosm Crypt - A collaboration with Metalface221. It is a dark remake of Paracosm Circles.
  • Phaser 144Hz
  • Pokémon go
  • right in rebirth - A rebirth of Right In by SCPLanst.
  • RippLeZ - A collaboration with Failure444.
  • Robotic Challenger
  • Stressed Out
  • Valhalla - A collaboration with TrueOmega and Cypher.
  • who did this

Demon Levels

Medium Demons

  • Ride (featured) - A demon that has fluctuated between Easy and Medium Demon.

Insane Demons

  • Flat Major (featured) - A difficult remake of Nine Circles. Originally a WIP version of Furry Dash (now JakeM2436)'s NC level, it was redesigned by Metalface221 a while later using the WIP version as a base, thus getting it rated. Nowadays, EndLevel treats the level as if HE created it as a whole.

Extreme Demons

  • Mystic (featured) - A well-hated American player mega-collaboration due to expectations and some parts being made by non-American players. It is the sequel to Valor.
  • Deimos (featured) - An Extreme Demon mega-collaboration which was verified by Npesta. It is the sequel to Phobos.

Upcoming Levels

  • Azure Flare - A collaboration with ViRuZ. It is a difficult sequel to Arctic Lights that features a blue (and a bit of purple) color scheme.
  • Bonfire - A possible yet difficult level.
  • Cognition
  • CyroDynamix - A difficult remake of Electrodynamix.
  • Heavydirtysoul - The sequel to Ride.
  • Mystic Update - An update to Mystic meant to redesign several ugly parts with American creators taking their place. It was the first thing EndLevel took on when returning, before quitting within a few days.
  • Sweetie Little Jean
  • Syllables
  • Trouble


  • All of his own rated levels are demon levels.
  • He claimed to be the first person to legitimately beat the nerfed version of Phobos, but stated that he hacked it two years afterward.
  • He left for a long period of time in 2015 but returned in August after dealing with stress from school.
  • He has a copy of a buffed unnerfed version of Allegiance, which he considered to be harder than Sonic Wave. He got 77% on a very slightly easier version in 2016 and then buffed it to its original state.
  • He has beaten a slightly nerfed Death Corridor Finale and stated that it is overrated.
    • Before that, he got 63% on the original version.
  • He along with a few other pro players (Sunix, Skullo, Etc...) believe that Plasma Pulse Finale is harder then Bloodlust. He also believes Gamma is harder than Bloodlust for a similar reason.
  • He was verifying Revenant, a sequel to Allegiance, He had a record of 27%,[17] but he dropped it and gave it to Aquiver, the original verifier. He considers it to be easily harder than Bloodlust.
  • He had a part in the mega-collaboration Epsilon, but it was deleted due to the hacking scandal and an overall unappealing and overly simplistic decoration style. His part was replaced by a part created by Failure444. Similar thing happened to his part in Freedom08.
  • His real name is Owen.



EndLevel's old profile picture.


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