Level Information
Creator Aurumble and WOOGI1411 (Verified and published by WOOGI1411)
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 11992926
Last updated in 2.0
Level version 1
Song name Cosmic Dolphin
Play song None
Composer Megawolf77
Song ID 482542

Endorphin is a 1.9/2.0 Hard Demon collaboration created by Aurumble and WOOGI1411, and verified and published by WOOGI1411. It is known for difficult timings, tricky segments, and some memorization. It is generally considered an Insane Demon.


  • 0-50% (Aurumble): The level starts with a cube section with some memorization and some crucial timings. Next, there is a UFO segment with some invisible saw-blades. Then there is a very short mini ship followed by a similar UFO part. Then there is a mini ship sequence with some speed portals as well as gravity portals and orbs. This is followed by a mini cube with some timings but mostly memorization. Then there is a ball segment with difficult timings. This is followed by a tricky wave segment with some speed changes and tight spaces. Then there is an auto cube part with the text "Aurumble & WOOGI1411".
  • 51-100% (WOOGI1411): This is followed by a ship sequence with some moderately tight spaces and tricky usage of gravity and size portals. Then there is a short wave with some tricky gravity timings and portals. This is followed by a moderately hard UFO part. Then there is a cube part with a few timings and tricks. Then there is a rather difficult ship sequence with some portals. This is followed by a rather difficult wave segment with a bunch of gravity portal timings as well as some size portals. Then there is a timing-based cube part with some tricks. Then there is a moderately difficult ball segment with some timings. Then the text "Thanks :)" appears and the level ends.

User Coins

  • The three coins are located at the end of the level by going through a fake block at 96%.


  • This level was mostly made in 1.9 and lacks the robot mode.
  • The level was originally a part of the Top 50 Hardest Demons Records List but was later removed along with Sequence, Twilight Step v2, and Extreme Chaos due to the additions of Wolfstep, Dark Rainbow Rebirth, and Phobos.


New Hard Level!!! )

New Hard Level!!! )

The verification of Endorphin. Credits to WOOGI.