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Country Finland
Levels 37 (27 starred)
Other Info
Crew GeoStorm
Position Banned
YouTube Channel [1]

Evasium (Evasium622 in-game) is a very popular Finnish player and level creator in Geometry Dash, well known for collaborations with Viprin. He has created numerous demon levels, including Milkshake Draft and Rose at Dawn. In addition, he has participated in quite a handful of notable Extreme Demon mega-collaborations such as Bloodbath, Yatagarasu and Hypersonic.


Hard Levels

  • Chill Days (featured)
  • jump machine (unrated)
  • Myst (featured)
  • theory of gundogan (unrated)

Harder Levels

  • Brawl (featured)
  • Chaotic charge (featured) - His first real 1.9 level.
  • color blaster (featured)
  • electrogeist (unrated) - A combination of Electrodynamix and Polargeist.
  • Hell Escape (unrated) - A collaboration with sweD4sh.
  • jump master (unrated)
  • JumpStep (unrated)
  • long road (unrated)
  • space jump (unrated)
  • Supreme lab madness (unrated)
  • Theory of Electro (unrated)

Insane Levels

  • ClutterDash (featured)
  • Combo Breaker (featured) - His entry for Viprin's Creator Contest.
  • Electric Motion (featured) - A collaboration with Merlo.
  • HyperDynamix (unrated) - The sequel to SuperDynamix.
  • NextStep (featured) - His entry for TG's Creator Contest.
  • Okiba Crackdown (featured)
  • Once More (featured) - Based on Gamerspawn's unfinished level.
  • Sentimental (featured)
  • Sky Fortress (featured) - A 1.8-styled level.
  • Super Hexagon (featured) - A remake of Hexagon Force.
  • SuperDynamix (featured) - A remake of Electrodynamix.

Demon Levels

Medium Demons

  • Snow temple (featured)

Hard Demons

  • Clubbin (featured) - A remake of Clubworld by Sumsar.
  • Clubstep X (starred) - A remake of Clubstep.
  • Final Theory X (featured)
  • Glitch Gremlin (featured)
  • Grind District (featured) - A collaboration with Terron.
  • LAST STEP (starred) - a remake of Clubstep.
  • Milkshake Draft (featured) - A collaboration with Andro3d. It is the sequel to his other level Crackdown Draft.
  • Path of the shadows (featured) - A collaboration with Jabbagrullo.
  • Rose At Dawn (featured) - A collaboration with Andro3d.

Insane Demons

  • Crackdown Draft (featured)


  • He collaborates with Viprin very frequently.
  • His avatar picture is a type of a Shy Guy, a popular type of enemy in the Mario franchise.