Level Information
Creator TriAxis
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 7Star
ID 13237279
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Exobyte/With Internet
Play song None
Composer unrecognized1/NorcdaChilda
Song ID Unknown

Exobyte is a level by TriAxis. It was made in 2.0, hence boasting more intricate decoration. However, the majority of it still holds the standard green colour scheme.


After a brief mini cube, the level starts with a mini ship in a small rectangular box on the left, with obstacles coming at the ship. To the right, a "Initating..." message appears.

Afterward is a robot with a hall-based passage. The robot changes size and gravity few times, with the gravity portals replaced with pairs of arrows, and the size portals completely invisible. Following it is a ball in a passage which gradually closes in on the ball, involving a few switches along the way. Note that this part is red, different from the other parts.

Next a loading message appears on screen, "Downloading Geometry_Dash.exe". When this is done, a simple ship passage follows, with the game area shifting several times. Next is a simple mini UFO which just involves dodging obstacles.

Afterwards the icon changes into a robot which becomes enclosed in another rectangle, and obstacles (except jump orbs) will pop out at the player which has sort of a sun-like decoration around it.

Next is a rather hard wave sequence with large diamond blocks, and after this you can just stay at the top while the finishing credits roll.

User Coins

  • The first coin is at the beginning ship. After dodging the third obstacle with the exclamation warning, fly down after it has left, below the fourth obstacle, and collect the coin.
  • The second coin is in the second ship. Fly on top of the first pillar, where you will enter a hidden passage that says "Coin Route Activate"", where the coin is located. After the second pillar, you will return to the normal path.
  • The final coin is in the final wave. The coin can be seen in a space between several blocks. Be careful as the space is rather tight.


  • The other levels in the series are Gigabyte, Terabyte, Kilobyte, and Nanobyte.
  • Technically, the level name should have been "Exabyte" for it to be a proper term for describing memory, but it was instead named after the song.
  • The composer of the song used in the level, Norcda Childa is an another popular creator and player. However, he used pre-made loops to create the song so it was deleted. The copy by Unrecognized1 got deleted too.
  • There is an unintentional secret way at 79% that allows you to go through the credits in wave mode.


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