Fake A Doom
Level Information
Creator LunarSimg
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 5298076
Last updated in 1.9
Level version 1
Song name TheFatRat - Unity
Play song None
Composer ThisIsTheFatRat
Song ID 621134

Fake A Doom is a 1.9 Insane Demon created by LunarSIMG. It was initially rated Harder 6 stars but was changed to Demon 10 stars due to constant fake line trolling and a lot of pathways. This level is considered to be a Hard/Insane Demon and is rated Insane Demon.


The level begins with a cube section that features a few confusing jumps, some of which go to places that seem otherwise impossible. It will actually take a while to find the right path. You need to land on the spike-covered floor at times, hit a few jump pads very late, and skips a size portal that would make the level impossible to complete.

After that comes a tricky ship sequence. It looks seemingly easy, but there are lines that reduce the area that can be passed through at some points. It then mirrors and goes into another slightly easier section. Next, the player transitions into more cube, ball, and cube sections, each also incorporating fake line trolling.

Following is an even more confusing sequence involving mixed forms and modes (or so it seems). There are also a lot of blocks that surround the player, some fake, and many with invisible spikes on them. It will take a long time to find out the correct route, but along the way, your cube should enter and exit dual mode, and go through a ball sequence around the end of this segment. Next is a completely invisible cube sequence, with no clue at all on how you should get through that segment unless you memorize how the jumping fits in with the music. Exiting that segment, the player enters another visible segment, but now you have to pass through mirror portals, making it yet more difficult to comprehend what is happening in the level.

The level finally ends with a simple ship sequence with just one (noticeable) and easy to avoid line troll, and a 4 spike long straight fly.


  • At the end of the level, LunarSIMG puts the words "Too Easy". This is either sarcastic or LunarSIMG thought it actually was easy (he was in the top 10 players)
  • This level was originally rated as Harder though it had parts that were very hard for its rating. However, later it was changed to Demon. The creator did not like this, however. He thought the level should stay at 6 stars.
  • This was one of the levels to become a demon due to being hard, along with Platinum Adventure.
  • COSINE has verified an invisible version of this level, named "Invisible F A D".
  • COSINE has also completed this level more than seven times.
  • Lithifusion has used some parts of this level to create Killbot.


Geometry Dash - Fake a Doom (6 STARS) by LunarSimg

Geometry Dash - Fake a Doom (6 STARS) by LunarSimg

Credits to WOOGI1411.