Not to be confused with Future Circles by KeiAs.

Future Circles
Level Information
Creator Milesman34
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 8Star
ID 14160096
Last updated in 2.0
Level version 2
Song name My Future
Play song None
Composer Viewtifulday
Song ID 555208

Future Circles is a 2.0 Insane 8* level created by Milesman34. It uses a unique type of Circles effect and therefore got a star rating, but wasn't featured. It is generally considered to be Demon-worthy due to the update but was rated before the update.


The level starts with a cube section with several fakes and timings as well as the first coin. Then a ball segment that is based on timing and memory. Then there is a cube section that is short and semi-auto where you can jump over an invisible portal to get the 2nd coin. Then the music drops and it starts with a flashing epilepsy effect. This effect has an ultra circles style and uses 2.0 blocks instead of the blocks added in 1.4. It starts with rather tight wave sections as well as spamming before going into a rather tight ship segment, followed up with a short relatively easy wave section. Then there is a timing-based UFO, followed by an easy ball segment where you just tap the jump orbs, and then the end ship which contains the last coin as an almost free coin.


  • This level was updated in 2016, making it a lot harder, especially in the wave parts.
  • The original level was nerfed until it was verified because it was made in November.
  • People still claimed the original version was harder than some very easy demons in 2.0.
  • Both this level and Butterfly Effect share the same song and the same teal color scheme.
  • Another update has been released, containing better decorations and buffing the third coin.


-INSANE 8*- "Future Circles" by Milesman34 - Geometry Dash

-INSANE 8*- "Future Circles" by Milesman34 - Geometry Dash

Credits to Retina.

Future Circles Update!

Future Circles Update!

Update, gameplay by Milesman34.

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