GDThallium (Theaverageoffice on the Wiki, Thallium GoodDay on YouTube) is a Geometry Dash player. He is mainly on Geometry Dash-related Wikis.


  • If Rebellion was L1(His most liked level, also his 1st lvl 1 level)
  • If Flask was L1
  • If Dark Nebula was L1
  • Project Denominator (WIP mega-collaboration)
  • Hop (WIP mega-collaboration)
  • If Hi was L1
  • The Massacre (set to be his first original solo level, WIP)
  • A few other short levels testing out random effects


  • He is a former staff of the Geometry Dash Fan Wikia.
  • He changed his name to GDThallium as he felt that Theaverageoffice was too long. He got the inspiration from a chemistry lesson.
  • He is known for uploading cut game-plays of extreme demons like Yatagarasu on YouTube.