GeoStorm (GS for short) is a well-known clan in Geometry Dash that has many skilled players and creators as members/staff. Until recently the only way to join this clan has been to be invited, as the registration has closed. However recently Viprin has opened up applications again, which has led to several new members joining. The clan has made a level called Flap which is their first and only level that featured all GeoStorm members. They also made a level called Zap which features 25 members that are exclusively in Geostorm.

Level Discography

Main articles: Geostorm Member's Levels

Insane Demon

  • Zap (Epic)


Note: This list is 100% unofficial. Viprin has a rule against members of GS publicly posting the list of members, since some of the people in the server want to keep their membership private or unspoken about. Most of the people listed are taken from Arb's Twitter.


  • Aquatias
  • Deltablu


  • mbed

Former Members

These people used to be members of GeoStorm, but are no longer due to various reasons (usually inactivity.)

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