Country United States (Georgia)
Age 17
Levels 11 (none starred)
Other Info
Crew Crystal Riders
Position 97435 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]
GeometryJosh was an extremely skilled American mobile player in Geometry Dash who had beaten many insane demons, some of which include: Creeper Force, Necropolis, Acropolis, Future Demoness, Magnix, Lezicuv, Madhouse, Lunatic Doom Machine, The Shredder, Cataclysm (old), Crimson Clutter, Retention, and Rupture. However, as of June 9th, 2016, he has switched to PC and is now considered to be an extremely skilled 60hz player. He has beaten several extreme demons including New Cataclysm, ICE Carbon Diablo X, Allegiance, Plasma Pulse III, and SilentFunk. The hardest level he has beaten so far is Unnerfed Fexty.


Normal Levels

  • Clubstep auto (unrated) - An auto version of Clubstep.
  • clutterfunk Auto (unrated) - An auto version of Clutterfunk.
  • Electrodynamix auto (unrated) - An auto version of Electrodynamix.
  • Hexagon Force auto (unrated) - An auto version of Hexagon Force.
  • ToE auto (unrated) - An auto version of Theory of Everything.

Hard Levels

  • electroman auto (unrated) - An auto version of Electroman Adventures.

Harder Levels

  • Alzheimers copy (unrated)
  • Imperial March copy (unrated)
  • Laser Dynamix (unrated)
  • Laser Room auto (unrated) - An auto version of Laser Room.

Insane Levels

  • Geometry Force (unrated)


  • GeometryJosh was often considered to be one of the best mobile players in the game, along with Pacosky18 and DiscJoker.
  • He started playing on October 6th, 2014 and didn't start getting popular until November 2015.
  • After buying the Steam version of Geometry Dash, he decided to stay on there as mobile was becoming too laggy for him.
  • He has completed SilentFunk, becoming the very first person in Geometry Dash history to ever complete a Silent level.