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Welcome to the Geometry Dash Wiki!

This is a collaborative wiki that is a fanbased database to the famous game, Geometry Dash. However, this wiki has lack of organization with ton of useless pages and files and is going under heavy maintenance. So please join us to make this a high-faith wiki once again! However, any violation of this wiki's guidelines, such as vandalizing, swearing, or spamming may result in a ban. Make sure you visit the page for in preparation for that! What are you waiting for? Come and join the Geometry Dash Fan Wiki!

About Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a 2013 mobile game and Steam game developed by Sweden-based developer Robert Topala, and published by his company RobTop Games. It is a rhythm-based running game which currently has 21 levels. What's unique about this game, though, is that you can create your own levels, whereas you can use a special building tool to build unique and exciting levels. They can even get rated by RobTop, the creator himself, which allows you to get official rewards for completing the level. If you're hyped, download Geometry Dash now and as always, enjoy the game!

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