The action of blocking is to prevent any users from editing for a certain amount of time. This page is for any users to understand the acts of violations, and prevent further offenses.

Types of Acts


Vandalism is the act of messing up articles on a Wiki. It is a major issue that every Wiki on the Internet, including the famous Wikipedia, suffers and cannot escape from. There are always notorious users who like wrecking stuff with no reason at all. We have a full set of policies for all users to follow, as well as different measures for this wiki to fix vandalism effectively.

The examples include:

  • Removal of contents without valid reasons
  • Inserting nonsense/gibberish to pages
  • Adding inappropriate content
  • Renaming article titles without valid reasons 


  • All users can use the Undo function on the edit history of articles to revert any accidental vandalism edits. If the case is serious, you can also contact Administrators for them to step in.
  • Rollback is a tool enabled to all Bureaucrats, Administrators, Content Moderators, and Rollbacks. This allows quicker reverting of vandalism by instantly reverting all consecutive edits from a user on a page. 
  • As many anonymous users caused serious damage to other Wikis before, all contributors must now log in or register before contributing. However, there are also some registered users who would pay no attention and violate the rules. Article Protection is the action of locking down articles to prevent certain user groups to edit, rename or create them, depending on the protection status. All members on or above Content Moderator rank have the power to deploy protection.


Spamming is an act of trolling by sending irrelevant large amount of messages. Being the most common type of trolling, it is unavoidable on the internet. However, in some cases, it may be unintentional, as users posting large amount of relevant comments on articles without editing or taking a break of it count as spam as well. The only way to counter it is to warn/ban the user, and delete the unnecessary comments. There is no other way.


  • Necrobumping is the act of replying to comments or discussions that are more than 30 days old. This is against the rules of this wiki, as the new replies are considered a form of spam. So please try to avoid necrobumping by checking the date of the thread or the comment in when was it created.
  • If you see a thread, blog post or comment chain that is either over a few months old or has already been resolved, please refrain from replying/commenting. If discovered, you will be asked by an admin to keep from necroposting again in the future. 

Age Limit

  • There is no age limit on this wiki. However, any users that acts immaturely and annoys the community may find themselves banned for a period of time. As long as the user acts responsibly and reasonably, GD Fan Wiki will welcome any users regardless of their age.


  • You are only allowed to edit your own userpage. However, if a user has granted you permission to edit their userpage, you are allowed to do so as long as you comply with Wiki policy and rules. If you edit another user's userpage without their permission, you will automatically get a 1 week ban, depending on the severity.

Making an Account

  •  If you are currently banned, do not make sockpuppet accounts. This means making multiple accounts to try to constantly vandalize articles. If you create an account after you have gotten blocked, the original account gets a 5 year ban while the sockpuppet account will be permanently banned.
  • If your account contains an inappropriate username, you will be banned until your username has been changed.
  • If you have pornography of any sort as your profile picture, you will be banned until you change your picture.
  • If you are caught imposting a famous GD Player in this wiki, you will be banned until you change your username.

Inappropriate Content/Profanity

  • Profanity is the act of using foul language as an intention of insulting or harassing someone. For this reason, there are boundaries and limits to using profanity in GD Fan Wiki.[1]
  • If you curse multiple times at other users, you will get a 2 week ban immediately. If you curse more after that you get an 5 month ban. After that, you are banned for 5 years.
  • Censored swearing is allowed, as long as it does not seek to offend any person.
  • Do not upload sexual content on this Wiki. If you do, you will be blocked for a year.

Reporting Players

  • If you catch a editor vandalizing or causing disruption, let a staff member know! Please do not abuse the reporting system as it is an act of trolling.



A Warning is the weakest type of ban level, which is not actually a ban at all. It is a simple warning to remind a user who commits minor vandalism or something else that violates the rules of this wiki. If the user continues to vandalize after the warning, he/she will be terminated from editting in this wiki. It also usually comes with a warning template. (Example Below) This kind of ban level can be given out by any member of the Geometry Dash Fan Wikia Staff. (Rollbacks or a higher position)

Normal Ban

A Normal Ban is the second level of a ban, which takes away a user's rights to edit in this wiki. This punishment can only be given by admins or bureaucrats, who will decided the length of the ban depending on how severe the damage they did to the wiki is. It also comes with a template, just like the Warning. It will be given to users who have comitted moderate vandalism or cyber-bullying.

Life Ban

A Life Ban is the final and most severe level of ban, which will prevent a user from editing in this wiki permanently. It will only be given to users who have comitted very severe vandalism, adding inappropriate photos, or repeated vandalism. This kind of punishment can only given by admins or bureaucrats like the normal ban. Once someone gets this ban, they will not get a second chance unless it's their first time vandalizing.

Ban Appeals

  • If you feel that you were falsely banned, please let a Staff Member know! Leave an appeal on their message wall and they will look into it. There are some rules however.
    • The ban must be at least 3 weeks long to make an appeal.
    • You have to stay on the wiki for 7 days.
    • You must tell the truth. If we discover that you were lying, you will face severe consequences and lose all appeal privileges.
    • For every successful appeal, there is a 60 day cool-down time before you can make another appeal.
    • You have 30 days to make an appeal or it won't be accepted. This rule has been updated effective as of February 15th, 2018. If you have not appealed in more than 14 days but less than 30 days, please send another appeal!

Ban Actions and Lengths

The following table contains all acts of violation, and its consequences. Note that this may not always be accurate, and it depends on the user's actions.

Act Scale 1st Act 2nd Act 3rd Act 4th Act~
Vandalism Minor Warning 1 Week 2 Weeks 1 Month
Vandalism Major 1 Month 3 Months 1 Year Permanent
Vandalism of Userpage Both 1 Week 2 Weeks 1 Month 2 Months
Spamming/Trolling Minor Warning 3 Days 1 Week 3 Months
Spamming/Trolling  Major 1 Month 3 Months 1 Year Permanent


Major Warning 2 Weeks 5 Months 5 Years
SockPuppetry Major Permanent Permanent Permanent Permanent