These chat guidelines outline general standards which all users should be aware of if they wish to use chat on this wiki. Chat moderators and administrators (identified in chat stars next to their names, respectively) will enforce these guidelines at their individual discretion. Unless they are also rollbackers, chat moderators' names are colored maroon.


  1. Do not disturb the chat: As with the rest of the wiki, it should be assumed that users are not looking to actively disrupt the chat unless they prove otherwise.
  2. Do not spam: Excessive all caps use. starting every word in a sentence with a capital letter, sending too many messages quickly, might result in a kick or ban because it can annoy users easily.
  3. Do not moderate the chat unless you are a moderator: Only moderators can moderate the chat. Please do not attempt to enforce other users if you are not a moderator. Doing so may just make the situation worse.
  4. Do not lurk for many hours: Lurking is acceptable. But please be reasonable. If you are lurking for many hours or if you forget this window open, a moderator will probably kick you.
  5. English is the primary language here: While it is fine to speak in other languages, please make an effort to be reasonably understandable to fellow chatters.
  6. Use common sense: There are lots of things which should just not be done in public internet locations. In particular, posting links to porn, shock sites, or screamers is likely to just get you permanently banned.