The Geometry Dash Fan Wiki enforces a number of policies applying to behaviour and the use of site features. This extends across all local namespaces as well as the Chat and Discussions platforms.

The Geometry Dash Wiki abides by senior Fandom policy requiring full compliance on behalf of its users.

Other policies can be found on Community Central.

A user who demonstrates unacceptable conduct may be blocked by an administrator in response to their behaviour, preventing them from editing and performing other actions. Respecting common sense is the underlying principle in avoiding being blocked. Everyone, including staff, is subject to compliance by the content stated in this section.


Blocking is an unfavourable practice but should be justified when resorted to.

  • Staff have complete authority in determining a block's duration based upon the offence committed.
  • Warnings may be issued to inform an offending user of their violation of policy where it is assumed that they were unaware of wrongdoing.
  • Block duration will increase with subsequent blocks related to a particular offence up to a maximum of 1 month.
  • Active users with a recognisable history of contribution are entitled to a detailed explanation regarding the cause and conditions of their block.
  • An appeal may be pursued with the staff member who applied a block to have its details clarified and its duration potentially reduced until the staff member deems that the matter has been adequately settled, where then no other staff member is required to provide further intervention.
  • Blocks may be reduced or lifted at any time without notification.

Unacceptable conduct

Committing any of the following actions - including through automated processes - may result in being blocked:

  • Transmitting by means of publishing, linking to or uploading: inappropriate material, such that is recognisably obscene, discriminatory, violent, pornographic or illegal.
  • Transmitting by means of publishing, linking to or uploading: unrelated, redundant, nonsensical or visually obstructive content. (Simply, spamming.)
  • Persistently promoting sites, services, products, individuals, groups or behaviour of which is not connected with the wiki's subject or is objectionable.
  • Displaying antisocial behaviour towards other users in the form of abuse, harassment, threats, manipulation, gossiping or subtle degradation, on or off-site where recognised.
  • Undermining staff authority, or deliberately disobeying or constantly disregarding staff instructions.

Prohibited account usage

Utilising an account(s) for the following is forbidden and may result in reports being made to Fandom staff:

  • Improper use of account credentials: including account name, avatar or user page masthead information, for displaying content that qualifies as an act of unacceptable conduct as stated in the above section.
  • Sockpuppetry: using an alternate account to give the impression that it is operated by a completely separate user.
  • Impersonation: using the name of other users or distinguishable real-life people, groups or organisations.
  • Personal information handling: including possession and distribution, therefore compromising users' privacy.

Deletion may occur suddenly and without warning. Pages may be marked for deletion by having included on them.

  • Unnecessary/insignificant: A page either completely unrelated or partially related but of low significance and not requiring a full article.
  • Relocation/substitution: A page with content either being directly moved elsewhere or with similar information already so.
  • Vandalism/spam: A page created solely out of misconduct.
  • Redirect removal: Redirects are not used and are deleted where they occur.
  • Other reason: Any other reason a page is deleted at staff's discretion.

Existing pages that are vandalised are not deleted, rather, their edits are reverted to the last proper version. This takes only the click of a button.

If you believe a page has been deleted without good reason, you may make an enquiry to a staff member.

Files include various types of media, organised under either Category:Images, Category:Videos, or . All uploads made to the wiki are therefore expected to contribute towards article and user development. Uploads made for any other purpose will be deleted immediately.

When reading the Deletion Log, the following reasons are likely mentioned:

  • Unused/insignificant: A file which is related but of low significance and lacking intended placement.
  • Duplicated/superseded: A file duplicated or of lower quality to another file which is effectively able to replace it.
  • Unrelated/inappropriate: A file either completely unrelated or one which violates policy standards.
  • Corrupted/missing: A file that fails to function or display correctly.
  • Illegal/copyright violation: A file that contains decisively illegal material or violates distinctive copyright.
  • Other reason: Any other reason a page is deleted at staff's discretion.

If you believe a file has been deleted without good reason or by mistake, you may make an enquiry to a staff member.

Namespaces designate the design and intention of page content. Each serves unique purposes, with specific structures and differing permissions. The Manual of Style attempts to explain these aspects in order to achieve a logical high-quality interface that is consistent and understandable across the site.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.