The list of staff members in this wiki. They are listed, respectively from the highest powers until to the lowest powers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not add any non-staff members here nor subtract any people that are listed here.

For more detailed information about their abilities and powers, see this page.

List of Staff Members

This is a respective list of every staff member of Geometry Dash Fan Wiki, in alphabetical order.


The owner is the user who has created this Wiki. They have the maximum amount of power to edit and the Bureaucrat rank in this Wiki.


Bureaucrats have the second highest power rank of all users, after the founder. In addition to having all administrative powers, they can demote and ban any users except other leaders. They also must be good role models for everyone to look up to.


Administrators (or admins for short) have the third highest power in this wiki and can ban users. Users on or above this rank can also edit the Wiki via all of the Admin Dashboard.

Content Moderators

Content moderators are in charge of protecting needed pages, fixing any stub articles, and controlling files uploaded to thw Wiki. They also have access to some features of the Admin Dashboard.

Thread/Chat Moderators

While both types of moderators can regulate comments, handle blog posts, and generally remove spam, they each have differences. Thread moderators are in control of the forum, meaning they can close threads and remove forum comments. Meanwhile, chat moderators have the ability to regulate the Wiki’s chat up to the point where they can kick spammers from the chat.

Former Staff Members

Former Staff Members were originally staff members who have been downgraded or was demoted recently due to different reasons. (e.g. Personal Reasons, Violations, etc.) The following list below lists down a respective former staff members, in alphabetical order.

Note: they might return back to their positions or not, depending on either their decision or the owner/bureaucrat(s)' decision.

Disclaimer: some staff members listed here may still have their position(s)' abilities; however, they are not technically considered staff members at the moment.