Country Valkeakoski, Finland
Age 17
Levels 26 (15 Starred)
Other Info
Crew None
Position 9427 (Global)
YouTube Channel [1]
Ggb0y (formerly Gboy) is a popular Finnish creator and player in Geometry Dash. He is the creator of Cataclysm, which was the hardest demon in the game for a long time and even considered impossible at one point. Ggb0y has also uploaded previews of other levels on YouTube. However, most of them were ditched soon afterwards. In addition, he has created numerous other demons such as Hyper Fantasy, Neon Overdrive, and MiracleFunk, and also made the popular level MLChristmas. With the help of Riot, he updated Cataclysm and made it harder, fixed bugs, and added three user coins into the level. He also recently released an extreme demon called Infernal Abyss, which was verified by YGYoshi.

Levels Edit

Demon Levels (with ingame rankings) Edit

  • Theory of the Past (Hard Demon)
  • Toxic Ruins (Hard Demon)
  • Infernal Abyss (Extreme Demon, uploaded on YGYoshis account)
  • Hyper Fantasy (Medium Demon)
  • Neon Overdrive (Hard Demon)
  • Cataclysm (Extreme Demon)
  • Ascend (Medium Demon)
  • MiracleFunk (Hard Demon)

Normal Levels Edit

  • No Game No Life (6*, collab with Suomi and Pixagon)
  • BdoubleO (2*)
  • Neon Corruption (9*, collab with Pokey)
  • Velocity Mines (9*)
  • Lost Soul (7*)
  • Cosmic Beat (4*)
  • Mystic Jumper (6*)
  • Astral Sanctuary (1*)

Unrated Levels Edit

  • EVW Challenge
  • faivnitesatfreddies
  • 666challenge
  • BdoubleO II
  • UnNamed666
  • 1space cube fly
  • Gboys challenge
  • Project Lava Temple
  • Cataclysm Copyable
  • MLChristmas (popular MLG level)
  • Mlg Sveg

Trivia Edit

  • He has progress videos of Cataclysm on his YouTube account but never had an actual completion of the level, so rumours began accusing him for hacking. He indeed hacked the level in 1.9 as he said at the end of the Cataclysm 2.0 update, which was verified by Riot.
  • Even though he's not creating levels anymore, he still participated in big megacollabs like Subsonic.
  • His level Hyper Fantasy was created in 2.5 days.
  • Nowadays he plays Fortnite Battle Royale and Overwatch.