Level Information
Creator TriAxis
Difficulty Harder Harder
Stars 6Star
Level ID 6096419
Song Pixelated Insanity
Composer Error104

Gigabyte is a level by TriAxis. It uses a retro style and is the first of his "Byte" series. It always uses a black background colour and mostly uses a green object colour.


The level starts off with a slow cube sequence through basic jumps. Following it is a wave sequence in which you will have to go through an open passage.

Afterward is a mini-ship sequence where you will have to fly through pillars with two-block high holes. A very similar UFO sequence follows.

Next is another cube sequence, similar to the first one. At the end of it is a gravity ring and you will go through three gravity portals, entering a ball portal, which precedes a sequence that is quite easy.

At the end is a double-speed wave sequence, like the ship sequence except the gaps are bigger and the blocks are diagonal. In the middle of it is a gravity portal, but the rest of the sequence is almost the same as the first half. At the end of it is the conclusion of the level.

User Coins

There are three kinda easy silver user coins in this level.

  • The first coin is at the beginning of the level. After the two gravity pads, when you land on the platform, jump up over the ceiling, then jump again to reach the User Coin. Land on the ground and proceed as usual.
  • The second coin is in the sixth pillar on the ship part. Go through the one square wide hole on the top instead of the hole below it to get the second User Coin. (This will be indicated by a third arrow above the usual hole.)
  • The final coin is in the ball part. On the first platform, drop down to the hidden blocks instead of switching upwards. The final User coin will be there, and you can switch back up and go between the small spike and the spikes on the edge. (this takes timing!) Finish the level!


  • This is the first level of a few in TriAxis ' "Byte" series, before Terabyte and Kilobyte.