Golden Haze
Golden Haze
Level Information
Creator Viprin (publisher) and Nox
Difficulty Medium Demon Medium Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 3541441
Last updated in 1.9
Level version 1
Song name Golden Haze
Play song None
Composer Detious
Song ID Unknown

Golden Haze is a 1.9 Medium Demon collaboration created by Viprin and Nox. It is difficult due to the many tricks and tight spaces. The level is one of the most popular 1.9 Demon levels in-game. It is generally considered as an Easy or Medium Demon but sometimes a Very Easy Demon.


The level starts with a semi-difficult half speed ship sequence that features gravity portals and sawblades only. Next, the player enters a moderately difficult cube section that features fake jump orbs and many difficult tricks. This part needs memorization due to many, many fake jump orbs. Then it comes to a fast-paced and moderately tricky ball segment. It gets even more difficult when the ball becomes mini. After the long ball segment, the player will transform into a difficult wave with fake paths, tight spaces and high-speed, making the wave harder to control.

Then, the player will transform into a simple dual ship with only straight flying. Then, the player enters a very difficult UFO segment with high speed and tight paths. Then the player enters a simple ship sequence with a few tricks. After the lengthy ship sequence, however, the player will transform into an insanely difficult wave with tight spaces, invisible blocks, fake paths, and high speed. Then the player transitions into a moderately difficult dual cube section with many jumps that need crucial timing. Then, the level will end with a dual wave and ball.


Geometry Dash - Golden Haze (Hard Demon) - by Viprin and Nox

Geometry Dash - Golden Haze (Hard Demon) - by Viprin and Nox

Credits to Zobros.