Hawkfire7 is a very skilled American player in Geometry Dash who is known for beating numerous demons on the Official Extreme and Insane Demon Records list in very few attempts. He plays using a 60Hz monitor, and his gameplay videos are uploaded onto his YouTube channel.


Even though his first video was uploaded on January 27, 2016, Hawkfire7 said he started playing Geometry Dash in late 1.9, around May 2015. Before his first Geometry Dash video was uploaded, in the YouTube comments of Geometry Dash videos and on some Skype chats, he claimed to have beaten many hard and insane demons and to have attained 55% on Bloodbath back in October 2015, though with no video evidence.

However, in June 2016, he uploaded a video of him beating Necropolis in only 1011 attempts. Before, he claimed to have beaten this level "with around 9k attempts", but said that he switched to a new account due to save errors and data loss on the old one.

After uploading a video of him beating El Dorado, and a video of him screaming along to Eighto by Jomekka, he went on vacation for three weeks to Kansas City, MO, putting a hiatus on uploads. Upon return, he uploaded a practice video of WcropoliX by BlassCFB on August 1, taking 238 attempts to complete his first practice run.

On September 11, he beat Leminscate by Quasar, and four days later, he beat Cyber Chaos. A week later on September 21, he beat Poltergeist by Andromeda. During this period, he allegedly beat around 70 demons, most of which were "easy, map pack demons".

On September 28, Hawkfire7 beat Cataclysm, after just under 2,000 attempts (He spent about 14,000 attempts on the old version before losing data), also being his 100th demon completion on his new account. After beating Cataclysm, he beat a few levels, including two Michigun temple levels and Acropolis, all of which he considered "rather easy, but more fun to play than most 2.0 demons". He beat Red World Rebirth on October 13, taking only 1,537 attempts. A few days later, he beat out of boredom, though he used another song in place of the original, for psychological reasons. Sometime later, he completed Crimson Clutter in just over 1,000 attempts, but his gameplay was seen as quite suspicious due to his wave movements in the mini-wave segments of the level. Following that, he beat X Adventure in only 251 attempts.

On November 15, he allegedly beat Bloodbath in just 5,227 attempts using a 60Hz monitor, taking the Michigun route as well. However, his gameplay and attempt count were extremely suspicious and questionable, considering he played on a 60Hz monitor, so his records were temporarily removed from the Official Extreme and Insane Demon Records list because of this. Because of the ensuing drama, he disabled ratings and hid comments temporarily on that particular video, and from there, he decided to "take a break from the game". Many reported that the gameplay is possibly legit, but a likely explanation is that he had some more attempts on his older account, explaining the low attempt count. He has since revealed that he did spend about 20,000 more attempts on Bloodbath before losing data on his account.

Sometime in December, Hawkfire7 started practicing Sonic Wave, having made video months prior to showing FunnyGame and Serponge's redecorated version, stating that he might possibly verify that or Quantum Processing. It was announced that KrmaL will verify Quantum Processing, so he decided to play Sonic Wave Rebirth instead. He made two videos showing the level, first a practice run, and then a video showing a further buffed version with No-Clip gameplay.

On April 22, he beat Heartbeat by Krazyman50, in 3,320 attempts, A week later, he beat 8o by Zobros, while editing in his singalong cover of Eighto. After another week, he beat Rupture by ConStar/Jekko, and the following week, he beat Hatred by AZuLeR4 and SrGuillester, after spending just over 4,000 attempts. In the following two weeks, he beat Hypersonic and Breakout, each taking just under 1,500 attempts, with him rating them as "hard demon" despite the extreme demon rating already given by the community.

On June 13, he beat SubSonic, being the first 60Hz player to complete that and the entire Sonic Series. (He beat Supersonic and Ultrasonic back in 1.9, but didn't record)


  • His real name is Clement Liu.
  • He plays with a 60Hz monitor, but has mentioned many times that he plans on buying a 144Hz monitor, but for purposes outside of Geometry Dash.
  • The two levels he has uploaded was a buffed version of Michigun's part in Yatagarasu, plus a version of a two-hour level (Longest Level Ever by Alphamodern) with the secret way highlighted via keys (the latter was uploaded on a separate account).
  • Even though on his Geometry Dash Forum profile and on his Newgrounds page he claims to live in Shanghai, China, he actually lives in Cleveland, Ohio. However, according to him, he lived in Shanghai before moving to the United States.
  • His records on the Official Extreme and Insane Demon Records list were removed for a time due to hacking allegations, but some of them have been added back now.
  • On his in-game profile, he often posts inspirational and motivational quotes.
  • He can solve Rubik's Cubes, and he has a few videos on his YouTube channel that showcase his Rubik's Cubes.
  • He plays the piano and makes piano arrangements for many of his favorite songs.[2] Some of them have been uploaded to his Newgrounds page.