Hazy Blood
Hazh Blood
Level Information
Creator LunarSimg
Difficulty Harder harder
Stars 7Star
ID 4098621
Last updated Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song Ultimate Destruction
Composer TMM43

Hazy Blood is a 1.9 Easy demon(but rated Harder in-game) created by LunarSimg. It is the second 1.9 level of LunarSimg, after Fake A Doom (Fake A Doom got its demon rating later though).

Gameplay Edit

The level begins with a few jumps with some tricks. Then it becomes harder with blue jump orbs that needs crucial timing. It then becomes a lot harder when everything turns red and spikes everywhere appear. This part also features many rings and gravity portals. Here, the player will need to time everything correctly or else they are most likely to crash. After that, the player can take a break and the name of the level can be seen. After the song will drop and the player will transform into mini ship that is very, very hard, because of tight spaces with full of traps. After a short time, the player will transform into a slightly easier UFO with a few tricks. After the UFO, a simple wave comes, it is simple like UFO and only needs a few tricks. However, after the wave, the player will transform into a difficult ball that needs crucial timing. Afterwards, the player enters an extremely difficult ship sequence that features several tight spaces and gravity portals. Next, the player enters a mini UFO segment with a few traps and tricks. After that, an easy mini wave will come. After the easy wave, one of the most hardest parts of the level will come, the mini ball segment. It is extremely difficult due to traps, different paths, crucial timing. If the player manages to pass the ball, the level will end with a cube section with a few simple jumps.

Walkthough Edit

HARDEST 7★ LEVEL - Hazy Blood - by Lunar SIMG

HARDEST 7★ LEVEL - Hazy Blood - by Lunar SIMG

Credits to Weoweoteo.