HighEst Score
Level Information
Creator Sparter
Difficulty Hard
Stars 5Star
Level ID 12864202
Song Evolution Of Music
Composer Dj-Nate

HighEst Score is a level by Sparter. It can be considered an arcade level, just like Etzer's Hyperarcade series.


The level starts with a loading screen showing the creator's name. The first game is BadLand which consists of a cube that can jump in mid-air (possibly achieved through either the UFO or cube in jump pads, this is to be confirmed). Next follows Circle by Ketchapp, behaving a lot like the UFO too. After that is the popular web game After consuming a few cells and eaten up by one, it then goes to part of a map from The Impossible Game, long regarded as the inspiration of Geometry Dash. Following that, the screen turns black for a while, and then the Google Chrome Easter Egg game appears. This game also boasts similar gameplay to Geometry Dash's cube. Next is The World's Hardest game, but instead of the cube being able to move freely, owing to GD's constraints, the cube moves up and down as blue hazards come at it. Following that is the game asteroids, where the player uses the wave to dodge asteroids. Next is the GD level Editor, starting with a cube, and then a Nine Circles wave, although appearing as how it would under the level editor without Preview Mode. The level then turns black and a box with 8-bit lines, looking like a double Snake game, appears, and the player does nothing as these snakes animate. The level then fades to white and ends.

User Coins

There are three user coins in this level:

  • The first coin is in the first unidentified game, located in the diamond just before the 5 marker. Note that the other diamonds won't do anything.
  • The second coin is in section. You need to go under the large pink cell, but that won't harm you.
  • The third coin is located in the Nine Circles wave. It's found under one of the sawblades at 86 percent. Just stay under that sawblade to get the coin.


  • One of the circles in The World's Hardest Game section is accidentally coloured black, instead of blue.