"If ToE2 was Level 1" by Defectum

If ...... was level 1 was a level trend among user levels during version 1.9. The trend involved users "nerfing" otherwise above-easy difficulty levels (typically demon) down to easier difficulties, usually equal in difficulty to the first main level in the game, Stereo Madness.

The first significant instance of this was when Defectum parodied Theory of Everything 2 as a easy main level, making the level "If TOE2 was level 1".

Starred levels

The majority of these levels can be found by searching "if" and filtering by starred levels. These levels are known to have starred "level 1" versions, in order of likes.


  • Usually, a starred 'If ...... was Level 1' level worths 2, 3 or 4 stars. The only exception is for Sonic Wave, whish is rated 8 stars.
  • Some people like to make jokes with the style. I.E. "If Stereo Madness was Lvl 1". An example is Jeyzor, who made the aforementioned "Stereo Madness" level, in which the player is meant to hold through the entire level.
  • "If Sonic Wave was Lvl 1" is the hardest star rated Lvl 1 level, and it is rated as insane even if it is a lot easier than the original one.
  • 'If .... was Level 1' levels tend to be copied versions of the original level but with massive nerfs where applicable.
  • Viprin considers this an "annoying trend".[1]
  • Rockstr99 and MagicXdash are the players with the most starred 'If ...... was Level 1' levels created.
  • Sometimes they are just "easier" versions, which can actually be demons, like Nerfbath, Sakupen Heaven, and Cataclysm v0.
    • As many players have pointed out in commenting sections, the levels are not always "easy."
  • Some level 1 levels (like Defectum's Toe 2 and 2 of the rated Clubsteps, which are built around the 1.0 main levels) can rely on new gameplay while using the same song.