Level Information
Creator Dverry
Difficulty Hard Hard
Stars 4Star
Level ID 2900177
Song Operation: Evolution
Composer Dimrain47

Illusion is a 1.9 Hard 4* level created by Dverry. It is the sequel to the popular level Lucid Dream.


The background is black throughout the level, but the only part where the background cooler changes over time is the ship and UFO sequences. There is also a sound wave within these sections. Afterwards, there is text saying "Don't Moving," which signals an auto part. However, after that, the player should continue jumping. There are numerous illusions within this level, even seizure illusions, hence the name.


  • Lucid Dream and Illusion were both created by the same Geometry Dash player.
    • However, according to Dverry, Lucid Dream was made by his younger brother while Illusion was made by him (Dverry).


"Geometry Dash" Illusion (Doge)

"Geometry Dash" Illusion (Doge)

Credit to Danilkaz for the video.