Level Information
Creator Jo2000
Difficulty Insane Demon Insane Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 13530154
Last updated in 2.0
Level version 1
Song name NK - Nine Circles Xtrullor Remix
Play song None
Composer Xtrullor
Song ID 649039

Infernity is a 2.0 Insane Demon created by Jo2000. It contains many intricate Nine Circles effects with the typical hell theme of insane and extreme demons. It is known for a very difficult Nine Circles-like section and many tight spaces. It is generally considered either a Hard or a Very Hard Demon.


The level starts with a cube part with a few difficult timings, most notably including a few triple spike jumps. There is a low detail mode at 5% that can be reached by jumping.

Then there is a very difficult ship sequence with several difficult jump orb placements and tight spaces. This is followed by a hard UFO part with varied obstacles including a size portal and many orbs. Then there is a half-speed cube section with a few timings, leading into the drop.

The drop has very intense background effects and mini sloped nine circles blocks. First, there is a wave with a bunch of tight spaces and tricky wave timings. Then there is a short ship sequence with some straight flying. An auto cube section leads into a short easier wave part, and then an easy ball part.

After this, there is a short but slightly harder wave part, and then an auto cube part. This is followed by a difficult wave part with a slew of size portals. Next, there is another auto cube section.

After, there is a tricky wave part with several gravity portals to avoid. Then an auto robot part leads into a hard wave part with several tight spaces. Then there is a slow cube part with a few simple jumps and orbs.

This is followed by a rather difficult triple speed wave part with many tight spaces. This turns into a hard dual segment, and then a difficult wave part that starts with a teleportation portal and mashing with many speed portals, and then becomes a triple speed very tight wave section.

Next, there is a near auto cube section leading into an easier wave part. An auto cube segment soon follows. Then there is a moderately hard wave part, followed by an easier cube part.

Then there is a hard wave part with some tight spaces, and then easy cube and ball parts respectively. With the drop over, there is an easier cube part with some simple obstacles. Then there is a slow ship part with a few tight spaces, resulting in at the end of the level.


  • The low detail in this level makes it almost undecorated. Ironically, it still lagged for SrGuillester when he was recording.