Level Information
Creator Viprin
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 30533157
Last updated in 2.1
Level version 1
Song name DuoCore - Endorphins
Play song None
Composer DuoCore
Song ID 573010

Iridescent is a 2.1 Hard Demon created by Viprin. It is his last solo level and is rainbow-themed.


The level begins with a half-speed cube section that requires some timing and memorization. The speed then picks up during a normal-speed ship sequence with some moving obstacles and semi-difficult straight fly.

After a brief double-speed spam wave section, similar gameplay ensues. A normal-speed ball segment follows which requires some more timing. The player then transitions to a double-speed cube part with some similar gameplay to the first.

After a robot part with similar gameplay, a triple-speed UFO segment with some more timing occurs. At the buildup to the drop is a fast-paced spider segment. Following that is a spamming-based wave part that quickly turns into a tight mini-wave section briefly.

After another normal-sized wave, the drop occurs with some quadruple-speed very fast-paced gameplay, with a spamming-based cube part, a very brief but tight mini-wave, a ball section, a ship part with many rotating obstacles, a mini-cube with many jump orbs and platforms, a timing-based spider segment, another tight wave segment, a cube section and a UFO section with many gravity portals.

The design then changes with a timing-based spider segment, a tight mini-wave, a robot segment, an asymmetrical dual, a wave section, another spider part, another mini-wave, and a tight ball segment. The level ends with a UFO segment with many gravity portals. Upon completion, a custom end screen appears, showcasing the title of the level and the creator itself.


  • The password for the level is 122377.
  • The level is Viprin's first demon of 2.1.
  • The level has over 483,000 downloads.
  • The level is the most object-heavy solo level by Viprin, with 54,000 objects.



-2.1- Iridescent (demon) - Viprin (me)

This video shows the full gameplay of Iridescent. Credits to Viprin.

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