Level Information
Creator ZenthicAlpha
Difficulty Demon Hard Demon
Stars 10Star
ID 6939821
Last updated in Unknown
Level version Unknown
Song name Jawbreaker
Play song None
Composer Rukkus (NIGHTkilla)
Song ID 546561

Not to be confused with Jawbreaker by Viprin.

Jawbreaker is a 1.9 Hard Demon created by ZenthicAlpha, more likely to be harder than the original Nine Circles created by Zobros. However, this difficulty is sometimes debated, although it generally is harder than the original Nine Circles.


This is one of the very first Nine Circles Levels remakes to appear in the first place. Most players consider this a difficult level and can be ranked as a medium demon or hard demon.


The level starts off with a cube sequence that require some simple timings, but are fairly easy, despite having a few tricks. Next, the player enters a double speed ship sequence which is widely considered moderately hard, due to the tricky gravity portals and tight spaces, straight flying and slopes that throw around the player. After that, the player enters a ball segment, which is also moderately hard due to crucial timing, very fast clicks, invisible spikes and fake jump rings. Then the cube part will appear again. The next cube segment is extremely easy and only requires hitting all the jump rings, then it goes into an auto segment and half speed with some blue jump pads. The, the music drops, and the infamous Nine Circles wave of Jawbreaker is introduced. Unlike the other Nine Circles remakes, Jawbreaker also has a few tight spaces, a very high abundance of gravity and size changes, and a few speed changes. The double segments are the easiest sections of the entire wave, along with the small half speed break in the middle. The second half of the wave is notoriously hard because of the ridiculous amount of size changes, followed by many gravity portals that can quickly throw off the player. The level ends as an anti-gravity double wave segment, which shouldn't be too hard to finish. Unlike most Nine Circles levels, this one has no signature that says the creator's signature or "GG." The same thing happens to Figures and some Nine Circles levels.


  • As shown in EricVanWilderman's video of this level, there are multiple spots where the player can slip around gravity and size portals that will often cause the player to crash.
  • You can skip the last dual portal in the last mini wave segment of the level, where you can end up as a single mini wave.


  • This level is one of the first five Nine Circles levels ever to be created.
  • It is said that this is harder than the original Nine Circles, although this is disputed.
    • ZenthicAlpha claimed this is harder than Nine Circles, but ToshDeluxe thinks it is easier. This debate is split among players.
    • However, some players are starting to call it an easy demon, unlike Nine Circles.


  • GuitarHeroStyles crashed at 89%.
  • Dz3sEr crashed at 95%
  • EricVanWilderman crashed at 92% and 98%, at the last double wave segment.
  • [GD] TheRealKreis crashed at 94%, before the last double wave segment.
  • Wayld02 crashed at 96%.
  • Curshburger crashed at 92%.
  • AbsZero crashed at 98%, also at the last double wave segment.
  • SuperCuberGD crashed at 91% due to bad timing.
  • JChambers13 crashed at 90%, 91%, 93%, 95% twice and 96%
  • Yumie crashed at 88% & 97%.
  • GD Luminous crashed at 86%, 87% and 91%.
  • SmileBullet crashed past 80% over 20 times.


'Jawbreaker' - By ZenthicAlpha (Me)

'Jawbreaker' - By ZenthicAlpha (Me)

Credit to ZenthicAlpha.