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Level Information
Creator Lithifusion (Verified and published by BoldStep)
Difficulty Extreme Demon Extreme Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 38754426
Song Killbot (sped up)
Composer Devin Martin

Killbot is a 2.1 Extreme Demon created by Lithifusion and verified by BoldStep. The level is heavily memory-based and contains a multitude of fake objects and trap orbs. The theme is code/digital theme, similar to Digital Death. It uses a red color palette for the 'virus' motif and green for the 'normal' motif. It remained unrated for a time following its release, but it was finally rated over a month after, also placed at #18 in the Official Geometry Dash Demon List, above Paroxysm (#19) and below Demonicat (#17).


Killbot's first preview came on June 21, 2017. Back then, DollarC was accepting extreme demons to his channel and featuring the best ones. Lithifusion sent Killbot to DollarC, who was so amazed that he immediately uploaded the video on his channel. Since that time, DollarC had a huge fan-base. Many people considered the level "God Eater-tier" meaning a rival for the title of best level ever. On September 6, Cove won the Killbot song contest, changing the in-game song to Sweet Dreams.

After the final preview, Chillius was chosen to verify Killbot. After Chillius was inactive on the level, Sylz was then chosen. After only one stream, he decided to quit due to Hurricane Irma. His best was 23%. Then, Lithifusion chose Antares as the new verifier, who super-buffed it and achieved 45%. However, he quit as well due to school starting up again for him. Because of this, BoldStep took over the verification, who removed most of Antares' buffs since they made the level ridiculously inconsistent. Furthermore, he added a LDM to reduce the lag he was experiencing. He finally verified this level on November 3, in one of Temporum's livestreams.

However, on September 12, 2018, Zylenox verified the superbuffed version of Killbot that Antares was once set to verify (which Antares uploaded recently). It took him a staggering 38,358 attempts. However, he altered the truth in the description, saying that he buffed it back and uploaded due to SrGullister beating the layout of the unbuffed version.


The level starts with a mini ball segment with sudden speed changes and difficult timings. Then it changes to a mini spider segment that has the same styled game-play as the ball part. Throughout these two segments, the player can see the Killbot installing in the background. Then it turns into an auto cube section representing the downloading of the Killbot. After that, the music beat drops, and the player enters a triple speed cube section that is very similar to a part in Fake A Doom that also involves a ball spam part. After that, a 3-second auto part comes next. After that, a wave - mini UFO dual comes next that is very confusing due to the abrupt and frequent red flashes. Then you play a ball - cube dual that uses the same confusing effects as the last dual. Then you turn into a wave - ball dual that, again, uses the same confusing effects as the last two dual segments. Then you turn into a wave - cube dual that lasts for 4–5 seconds, and then it turns into a 3-4 second auto segment. After that, you play as a robot - cube dual involving straight up memory to pass due to its simple gameplay and confusing effects. After that, you play as a ball - spider dual that utilizes the same gameplay and effects as the last dual. After that, you play an extremely hard ship sequence that involves very tight spaces, a lot of orbs blocking the way, and infrequent straight-fly to make it more difficult. After that, you play as a mini UFO that uses a lot of flashes, tight paths, and an upside down portal to make you die at the last part. The entire UFO section has extremely good sync with the music, so it is possible to do this part with little practice if one is attentive enough. Then, the level ends with a cube section with one tiny spike at the end. Then, the word Killbot appears, the credits and "thanks" afterwards, and a list of dedications.


Player Highest Percentage Date Completed Total Attempts Notable Fails Video
BoldStep (Verifier) 100% 3 November 2017 11,222 95%
Geometry Dash - Killbot (Extreme Demon) - By Lithifusion - Verified by BoldStep (me)

Geometry Dash - Killbot (Extreme Demon) - By Lithifusion - Verified by BoldStep (me)

Sunix 100% 10 November 2017 4,345 95%
Killbot 100% by BoldStep (Extreme Demon) - GD 2

Killbot 100% by BoldStep (Extreme Demon) - GD 2.1

Zylenox 100% 28



16,994 95%
Geometry Dash - Killbot 100% (Extreme demon) by Boldstep (Live)

Geometry Dash - Killbot 100% (Extreme demon) by Boldstep (Live)


  • The original song for Killbot, Killbot by Devin Martin, was deleted from Newgrounds during the level's verification time, forcing Lithifusion to choose a new song for the level in order for it to be featured.
    • The new song for Killbot was chosen to be Sweet Dreams, as announced by Lithifusion. However, Boldstep used the old song in his gmaeplay by replacing the song file of Sweet Dreams.
    • A user by the name of OblivionOfficial has recently uploaded the original song to Newgrounds. The song has been switched back to the original since November 2018.
  • The level uses more than 82,000 objects, which is why it exceeds the limit of the number of objects in the level at the time of creation (the maximum number of objects in Update 2.1 is 80,000).
  • The level was originally set to be verified by Sylz. It was passed onto Antares, who buffed the level to insane degrees, making it extremely inconsistent. When BoldStep took over, however, he reverted most of these buffs to its original form.
    • Zylenox managed to find Antare's version of the level and managed to scale great progress. In the beginning of September he reached 97% on this version.
    • Zylenox recently beat the level. (Having about 38,358 attempts)
  • Sunix became the first to beat the level after BoldStep on November 10, 2017.
  • If you go to the bottom of the level at the drop and look below it you can find a message from BoldStep which says, 'Optimised by BoldStep. You're welcome.' There is also a smiley face made of spikes with more spike text which says, 'I'm fat!'. There is also a fidget spinner at the bottom of the map, made when fans asked Lithifusion to build it during a stream.
  • Killbot is inspired by Chaotic Machine.


Geometry Dash - Killbot (Extreme Demon) - By Lithifusion - Verified by BoldStep (me)

Geometry Dash - Killbot (Extreme Demon) - By Lithifusion - Verified by BoldStep (me)

The verification of Killbot. Credits to BoldStep.