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Kirbys Adventure
Level Information
Creator Jovc
Difficulty Insane Insane
Stars 8 Star
Level ID 32676971
Song ColBreakz - Gourmet Race (Kirby Remix)
Composer ColBreakz

Kirbys Adventure is a 2.1 insane created by Jovc. It is a Kirby-themed level with numerous references to the original games.

The level is most remembered for the Whispy Woods bossfight created by Thomartin​ in attempt to recreate said battle from the Nintendo Wii.


Nightlex: The level starts with Nightlex's part, where you control a pixelated Kirby in a also pixelated world. At the very beginning, you can trigger a LDM by touching the text obviously displaying 'LDM'. A few seconds later, a logo will appear, showing the name of the level accompanied by another Kirby. Another few seconds later, the name of the creator of this part will show up. In this part, you will need in general to avoid some moving enemies and to jump on moving branches to avoid falling in the water. This section finishes the screen fading to black.

ValentInsanity: The level then goes on with ValentInsanity's part, where you will now control your regular GD character. At the beginning of this part, the name of the creator shows up, along with a counter which is linked to the first coin of this level (for more information, see Coins section). In this part, if you do not go for the coin, you will go through a Kirby-themed but regular gameplay which does not need any explanation.

AdidasBoi: The level continues with AdidasBoi's part, where you will control a black and white Kirby. In this (also black and white) area, you will need to control Kirby to get him to the top of this area, while dodging the enemies and bullets. As stated by a counter, you have about 7 seconds to get to the top. The player succesfully completes this part by entering an empty hole which is at the top of the area.

The rest of the gameplay section is TBA.









Jefry Kawaii:



  • The first coin is located in ValentInsanity's part.
  • The second coin is located in JamesGrosso's part.



  • According to its description, this level was created in honor of DonutCopper, who was recently killed by a drunk driver.


Kirbys Adventure by Jovc (& more) Geometry Dash-0

Kirbys Adventure by Jovc (& more) Geometry Dash-0

This video shows the full walkthrough of Kirbys Adventure. Credits to Michigun.