Laser Room
Level Information
Creator TrueNature
Difficulty Easy Demon Easy Demon
Stars 10Star
Level ID 1777565
Song Clubstep
Composer Dj-Nate

Laser Room is a 1.8 Easy Demon created by TrueNature. It can be found in Demon Pack 17. It's generally considered as a very easy demon.


Laser Room generally focuses on cube and ship skills. While it has some memorization parts, they're pretty simple. The majority of it appears in double speed. Despite being a demon level, it's far easier than a typical demon.


The level starts with a double speed cube section with simple jumps which require some memorization. After it, the cube turns into the small form with quick jumps and memory-based gameplay. Some jumps require decent timing, but they're fairly easy to memorize. Later a dual cube appears, which isn't fully symmetrical, starting with an orb jump that requires timing. The player can't use it too quickly or they will crash into the spiky block. The rest of the dual is very simple, as the player has enough time to react. The dual ends after a while and a few seconds later, it will turn into a ship, focusing on curvy flying with a few gravity portals. Next is the UFO part with similar design, ending with monsters similar to the original Clubstep. The icon again changes into the cube and slows down for a while, focusing on simple orb jumps. Later it gains double and triple speed, changing into a ball with a simple orb jump and into a reverted mini-ship with a few portals which lead to the end. The creator's signature appears, but the player has to stay in the air. If they release the button/screen or hold too much, they may crash either on the signature or in the spikes found on the ceiling. After this, the level ends.


  • It is one of the most liked and downloaded online demon levels in Geometry Dash.


Geometry Dash- Laser Room - By Nature (me!)

Geometry Dash- Laser Room - By Nature (me!)